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Administrative Procedure 105

Education Team


Division Regulations:




Wild Rose School Division is committed to the education and success of every student.  The Division will serve its schools and administrators through a shared leadership model.  The Superintendent and Associate Superintendents are part of the team.  The Superintendent’s focus is on all schools while the Associate Superintendents will each have “key” focus schools with whom they will work to provide leadership, support, mentorship and guidance. 


The Education Team is committed to honor, advance, model, and protect the mission, vision, and values of the Division and acknowledge and address practices that are inconsistent with them.  The Education Team will emulate the characteristics of a professional learning community. 


Benefits to Wild Rose School Division:


The Education Team:


  • Incorporates the tenets of leadership capacity


  • Supports our evolution as a professional learning community


  • Promotes collaborative team environment


  • Increases spectrum of knowledge within the division


  • Supports continuous growth and improvement


  • Increases opportunities for networking


  • Increases individualized and focused attention to schools


  • Increases support and guidance in “key” areas


  • Increases support and accountability for results and reporting requirements (eg. Annual Education Plan Development, Mission, Vision and Values review)


  • Supports budget development and monitoring


  • Enhances discussion and solution focus regarding emergent and critical issues


  • Improves student achievement through diagnostic use of assessment data


  • Increases the sharing of information throughout the division




1.      The Education Team shall work under the direction of the Superintendent.


2.      The mission of the Education Team is to foster school improvement by providing leadership and service to schools and administrators.


3.      Education Team Advisors shall provide to Principals:


3.1     Mentorship


3.2     Guidance


3.3     Support


3.4     Accessibility


3.5     Visibility


3.6     Recognition


4.      Each of the Principals within the division will be assigned to one of:


4.1     Superintendent


4.2     Associate Superintendent(s)


5.      The following guidelines will apply in the assignment of schools to the Education Team Advisors:


5.1     Specific needs of schools


5.2     Balance of grade configurations


5.3     Balance of geographic regions within the division


6.      Principals shall be assigned annually to a Education Team Advisor.  Principals shall be informed of their advisors no later than the August administrators meeting.


7.      Education Team Advisors shall work in cooperation with Principals to promote the mission, vision, values and goals of Wild Rose School Division.


8.      Education Team Advisors shall visit schools, at least monthly, and act as a liaison between principals and the Education Centre.


9.      Education Team Advisors shall maintain liaison with and attend at least one meeting of the School Councils of their respective schools.


10.     The Education Team Advisors shall schedule regular meetings to provide a cross division “check-up” on their Principals and to facilitate on-going communication, interaction, planning, sharing of initiatives and best practices.


11.     The Superintendent shall work with the Principal and the Education Team Member to review the goals and priorities, strategies, targets, measures and indicators of success of each school.


12.     The Education Team Advisor will conduct additional biannual visits utilizing the school visitation guide.



Revised:                 August 22, 2008

Revised:                 December 9, 2009

Reviewed:               November, 2011

Next Review by:      November, 2016



Legislative References:


Section 60, 61, 113, School Act


Board Policy:


Policy 11 Delegation

Policy 12 Role of Superintendent


Cross References:


AP 480(s) R and R(s) of Superintendent and Associate Superintendents