Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 111

Flag Protocol (Flying Flags at Half-Mast)




The Board recognizes the value of having schools and district buildings fly their flags at half-mast on appropriate occasions, to bestow an honour or express a collective sense of sorrow.





1. Occasions for Half-Masting


The Superintendent of Schools, or designate, has the authority to determine those occasions when flags in the District should be flown at half-mast. The following protocols will typically be followed:


a) National (all schools and worksites)

• On the death of a Sovereign

• On the death of the Governor General or the Prime Minister

• On the National Day of Mourning


b) Provincial (all schools and worksites)

• On the death of the Lieutenant Governor or the Premier


c) School District (all schools and worksites)

• On the death of a current Trustee

• On the death of the Superintendent of Schools


d) School (school or worksite affected only)

• On the death of a current student or staff member


2. Period of Half-Masting


Flags would normally be half-masted upon the death of a person up to and including the day of the funeral or memorial service or for a duration as determined by the Superintendent of Schools.



Completed:                   June 2015

Next Review by:            June 2020