Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 197

Narcotics Detection Dogs




The Division believes that there are conditions under which a search using a law enforcement canine trained in narcotics investigation may be made at a site within the School Division in order to protect the health, welfare and safety of students and staff at the school. 


1. The Principal or designate may authorize a search by a law enforcement trained narcotics detachment dog under the following conditions:


1.1 All students and parents/guardians have been informed in writing of the possibilities of law enforcement canines trained in narcotics being brought onto school property;

1.2  The Principal or designate must notify the Superintendent or designate of the reason for his/her request for a law enforcement search;

1.3  Once approval has been granted by the Superintendent or designate, random or suspected automobile, locker, bag or parcel searches can occur.  In no case shall a random or non-random group of students or individuals be subject to an individual search by a narcotics detachment dog;

1.4  Parcels and bags can be scanned by the law enforcement trained narcotics detachment dog.  Parcels and bags are defined as handbags, book bags, sports bags, purses, backpacks, etc.


2. In the event that drugs or drug paraphernalia or other contraband are found in any stage of the screening, those items shall be confiscated and the involved student shall meet with the school Principal. The appropriate law enforcement officials may be notified.


3. Parents must be notified by the Principal if drugs or drug paraphernalia have been found in/on the student’s locker, bag, vehicle or person.


4. No school personnel may conduct a pat down search of a student.


5. The school Principal may suspend or seek expulsion of the student found to be in possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia.


Completed:                   June 2015

Next Review by:            June 2020