Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 100

Education Planning and Results Reporting





Legislative References:

School Act Section  60, 61

School Authority Accountability policy 2.1.1

School Authority Planning and Reporting Guide

Accountability in Education – Policy Framework, June 1995


Board Policy:

Policy 11 Delegation


Cross References:

AP 110  School Councils

AP 362 Assessment and Reporting


Division Regulations:



The Division is responsible and accountable to the Minister of Education, the parents and the public for the student results achieved within the Wild Rose School Division. Annual planning for goal achievement and reporting of results achieved is central to good governance.




1.      The Division’s combined Three Year Education Plan and The Annual Education Results Report (3YEP/AERR) is a public document approved by the Board.  It specifies student learning priorities, guides decision making and budgeting, and follows provincial requirements.  It is designed to address local needs, and improve the education system.  The combined 3YEP/AERR is an accountability document for a results-focused education system.


2.      The combined 3YEP/AERR identifies the results that the Division expects to achieve for goals set by Alberta Education and goals set by the Division.  The education plan also outlines the actions that the Division takes, the measures that the Division will use to assess progress and achievement, and in some cases the targeted results established for the Division.  This report is a brief, concise document that highlights progress, accomplishments and results achieved in the past year.


3.      The Schools’ 3YEP/AERRs are also a public documents prepared at the schools with input from school councils and school staff.  School plans and results reports include items mandated by Alberta Education and the Board in addition to goals set at the local schools.


4.      The format for Schools’ 3YEP/AERRs will follow the template provided by Alberta Education.


5.      The Division shall determine when new survey data is required for measuring results and will only report using the most current data.  Surveying will be done at least once every three years.


6.      Minimum requirements for Division and school plans and results reports are outlined by Alberta Education in relevant publications.  The Board may identify further priorities that shall be addressed in school plans and results reports.


7.      Target results set by the Board shall be used for Division education plans and results reports.  These three-year targets shall also be mandated for school plans and results reports and will be assumed in all school plans and results reports.  It is recognized that individual schools may set yearly targets above or below Division targets with the intent of gradually attaining Division expectations.


8.      The following dates apply to the completion of Division and school 3 YEP/AERRs.  It should be noted that from time to time and due to circumstances, Alberta Education may change the timelines for completion of education plans and reports.


Division’s Combined 3 Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report

Schools’ Combined 3 Year Education
Plan  and Annual Education Results

April 30 – Division Education Plan


  • April 30 – schools submit preliminary Education Plan and budget for next school year


  • May 30 – schools submit preliminary Results Report outlining success in attainment of results
  • August Board Meeting – annual re-focusing and setting of yearly priorities
 August Board Meeting – annual re-focusing and setting of yearly priorities



  • October 15 – schools results reports are finalized with current student achievement results


  • October 30 – school education plans are finalized using current budget information from September 30 count
  • November 30 – Division Results Report

 November 30 – Division Results Report



9.      Schools’ 3YEP/AERRs will be presented at scheduled School Council meetings.  Suggestions, questions and input received from the School Council will be given consideration by the Principal.


10.     Principals shall share a summary of the school’s 3YEP/AERR results highlighting areas of growth and needs with their Education Team advisor.


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