Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 115

School Councils


Legislative References:

School Act Section 22, 60, 61

School Council Regulation 171/98 (176/03)

School Council Policy 1.8.3


Board Policy:

Policy 7 Board Operations (8)

Policy 11 Delegation


Cross References:


Division Regulations:



Parents have a right and a responsibility to assist in making decisions about the education of their children. School Councils have an important advisory role in providing input to Principals and the Board on any matter relating to the school.



1.      All School Councils in Wild Rose School Division shall operate under the terms of the School Act and regulations that pertain thereto.

2.      All School Councils shall file an annual report and financial statement detailing the year’s operations with the Superintendent as soon after the end of the school    year as possible.

3.      In the event of a School Council being dissolved or suspended in accordance with the School Act and/or its Regulations,

3.1     Any assets in the possession of the School Council at the time shall be frozen and held in trust until such time as a new School Council is formed.

3.2     The constitution/bylaws/policies or other regulations pertaining to the operation of the School Council in question shall be suspended immediately.

3.3     All officers of the School Council shall cease to hold office immediately.

3.4     The Principal, in consultation with the Superintendent, shall make interim provision for appropriate parental/community input until such time as a School Council is re-established.

4.      Where disputes arise between a Principal and/or a school council, the following appeal procedure shall apply.

4.1     A copy of the complaint shall be forwarded to the Superintendent, in writing, giving full particulars.

4.2     A second copy shall be given to the other party (School Council or Principal).

4.3     Complaints filed on behalf of the School Council shall only be accepted if they represent the views of the School Council voted on at a regular meeting of the      council at which a quorum is present.

4.4     The Superintendent shall adjudicate the complaint as (s)he sees fit, within fourteen calendar days of receiving it, and advise both parties of the decision, in        writing.

4.5     Either party to the complaint may appeal the above decision to the School Board, in writing, within one month.

4.6     The Board shall consider the appeal within fourteen calendar days, taking into account views of all parties affected by the dispute, and will advise all parties, in    writing of its decision. Appeals to the Board should be considered within Board Operations Policy # 7.8.


Reviewed:               November, 2011

Next Review by:      November, 2016