Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 130

School Year Learning Calendar




The basic 200 operational day school year learning calendar shall be uniform throughout Wild Rose School Division.   Staff and school councils shall be consulted prior to finalizing the calendar




1.      The Associate Superintendent—Central Services is responsible for the development of a school calendar that meets the needs of the Division.


2.      The basic school year calendar shall be developed in accordance with the following:


         The calendar:


2.1     Must provide 965 hours minimum instructional time for elementary and junior high schools and 1015 hours minimum instructional time for senior high.


2.2     Must provide for staff development within the school year.


2.3     Must adhere to the Diploma and Achievement examination dates set by Alberta Education.


2.4     Must recognize the set Alberta Teachers' Association Convention dates.


2.5     Must have a fixed Christmas break of two weeks.


2.6     Must have a fixed Spring break that includes the last Monday in March.


2.7     The school year calendar must have fixed starting and ending dates for all schools.


2.8     Must balance between the first and second semester.


2.9     Shall consider busing for Separate Boards.


3.      The proposed school year calendar shall be circulated to all Principals, who shall consult with their respective staffs and school councils.


4.      School staffs and school councils may provide their responses to the proposed school year calendar.


5.      The Superintendent shall present the final proposed school year calendar to the Board of Trustees for approval at a regular Board meeting prior to May 31.


6.      Following approval by the Board of Trustees, copies of the final school year calendar shall be distributed to all Principals who shall, in turn, distribute the information to school staffs and school councils.



Revised:                 12 November 2007

Reviewed:               November, 2011

Next Review by:      November 2016


Legislative References:


School Act Section 56, 60, 61

Guide to Education K-12


Board Policy:


Policy 2 Role of the Board

Policy 17 Resolution 43/07