Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 141

School Software Purchasing, Licensing and Installation




Providing access to educational software and on-line learning resources is necessary to enhance student learning throughout Wild Rose School Division.  It is important to determine that software selection will enhance or support the ability of students to meet learning outcomes and complies with the Wild Rose IT infrastructure




1.   Wild Rose School Division will provide a core set of software that will allow schools to meet the ICT outcomes set out by Alberta Education as well as the operational needs of the schools.


2.      This core set of software will be augmented with specific pieces of software for which the school has purchased licenses through the IT Department.


3.      Any software or on-line learning resource that schools want installed on Wild Rose supported computers must meet the following criteria:


         a.      Educational software or on-line learning resources that schools/teachers wish to use must be first evaluated by a school technology/software committee as to the educational value of the software or resource.  This committee will submit a written proposal to the Director of Technology, indicating how the software will be utilized.


         b.      Once the proposal has been submitted to the Director of Technology, the IT Department will research to determine the compatibility of the software or resource with our current and future systems. A trial version of the software may need to be acquired to test. The committee will decide on the appropriate numbers of licenses to purchase, in consultation with the Director of Technology.  If the software is student based and is to be distributed to a lab or labs then the entire lab or labs should be licensed.  In the case where a school has multiple labs, licensing for one lab is acceptable.


         c.      Once the software has been purchased, it may take up to eight weeks for the IT Department to develop a deployment package and install the software. It is recognized that extenuating circumstances may extend this window beyond eight weeks.


4.      Exceptions:


         a.      Special Needs Software


Coordination and purchase of special needs software at specific schools will be done centrally through the student services department in conjunction with the IT department. Student Services will advise as to the educational benefit, and the IT will advise of the compatibility and deployment options.  Special needs software will be deployed on an as needed basis throughout the school year to ensure that we are meeting the specific needs of our special needs students.


         b.      Administrative Software


Administrative software installations and upgrades will take place throughout the school year to ensure that schools are able to meet the reporting and planning requirements of the division and Alberta Education.


         c.      Software Trials


It is recognized that the purchase of some software can be a large investment. In order to assist schools or departments with this decision making, there may be times that software will be installed in schools on a trial basis.



Reviewed:               November, 2011

Next Review by:      November, 2016


Legislative References:


School Act Section 60, 61


Board Policy:


Policy 11 Delegation


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