Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 142

Computer/Peripheral Hardware Standards




Providing access to different types of computer hardware is necessary to enhance student learning throughout Wild Rose School Division. However, with the multitude of different types of hardware that is available for purchase, issues arise as to compatibility, stability and interoperability of this hardware on the Wild Rose Network.


This procedure sets the standards that all schools must meet in relation to the purchase of peripheral computer equipment. This procedure is meant to ensure that the equipment purchased will function on the Wild Rose Network. As well it helps to streamline installation and support. Equipment purchased by the school that does not meet the following standards will not be installed on the Wild Rose Network.


This document outlines two types of equipment. Equipment that requires the IT department to install software on the system and hardware that does not (plug and play).




1.      The following equipment will be purchased centrally by the IT department to ensure, educational pricing, common standards, and infrastructure standards are met.


a.      Computers


b.      Thin Clients


c.      Switches


d.      Wireless equipment


e.      Printers


f.       Projectors – installation and wiring will be included in the purchase of any projector that is to be permanently mounted


g.      Smart Boards


h.      Video conferencing equipment (including web cams)


i.       Scanners


j.       Hand Held computers - These are a computing device and as such are subject to the same standards as computer stations.


k.       Cell phones


2.      The following peripheral equipment can be purchased individually by the school. This equipment must be able to be used without the installation of separate proprietary software (it must be plug and play) and will meet the following standards. Recommended hardware may change depending on new technologies that are available or of the lifecycle of the product.


a.      Digital cameras - All digital cameras purchased must be plug and play no software that comes with the cameras will be installed.


         Recommended camera – Canon Powershot


b.      Digital video cameras – All digital video cameras purchased, must also be accompanied by a digital video editing computer containing Adobe Elements Software. 


         Recommended camera - Sony Handicam USB capable


c.      Palm Pilots – Tungsten E or E2 - Wild Rose Network will not support any installations of palm software or any conduits outside of administrative positions (ie. Principals and vice principals). No software that integrates and downloads student information on to the Palm Pilot will be installed or used in Wild Rose School Division for information privacy reasons.


d.      Memory keys – any memory key may be used providing that it is plug and play and no software relating to that memory key or the operation of those key needs to be installed.


         Recommended keys – Lexar or Kingston


e.      Microphones – any microphone may be used providing that it is plug_and_play and no software relating to that microphone or the operation of that microphone needs to be installed.


         Recommended Microphone- Logitech, must be USB plug and play


3.      All hardware equipment that is to be installed on the Wild Rose Network will be owned by Wild Rose School Division. No personal equipment will be installed on the Wild Rose Network.


4.      As new hardware becomes available and new technologies emerge, standards on those technologies will be evaluated, developed and added to this procedure at that time.



Reviewed:               November, 2011

Next Review by:      November, 2016


Legislative References:


School Act Section 60, 61


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Policy 11 Delegation


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