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Administrative Procedure 150





Effective communication is essential in Wild Rose School Division.  The Division must develop and maintain effective communications between itself, the schools, the parents, and the community.  All stakeholders are to be kept fully informed on Division decisions, policies, and programs.  The Division must maintain open interactive communication by offering individuals and groups opportunities for input into decision and policy making.


Maintaining the high quality education provided in Wild Rose School Division requires healthy partnerships between home, school and community; partnerships that are founded on trust, credibility, shared vision and responsibility for input and constructive feedback.




1.   The Superintendent shall promote an effective communication plan which encourages:


1.1     Student learning;


1.2     Recognition and reporting of student achievement and success;


1.3     Accurate, timely information about budget, policies, programs, procedures, achievements, decisions, and critical issues;


1.4     Understanding of decisions and actions;


1.5     Building of credibility and trust, and elimination of rumours and misinformation;


1.6     Promotion of public interest and participation in the school system;


1.7     Programs and practices designed to provide an open climate which will elicit ideas, suggestions, and reactions from the community and employees alike;


1.8     An effective working relationship with the news media; and


1.9     Sensitivity to public attitudes towards school system activities.


2.      The Communication Plan shall require that all Division staff share the responsibility for communication of Division and school procedures, programs and activities Effective communications will enable the Division to harness the ideas, energy and talent of people in our community in creating powerful learning environments and to continue to improve the quality of education offered students throughout the Division.


3.     The communication plan shall establish goals and objectives, identify target audiences, include proposed actions, assign responsibility for implementation and provide for evaluation of the effectiveness of the plan.


4.     Periodic review of the communication plan may be carried out in conjunction with development of the WRSD Three-Year Education Plan and the Annual Education Results Report.



Reviewed:               November, 2011

Next Review by:      November, 2016


 Legislative References:


Section 60, 61, School Act


Board Policy:


Policy 2 Role of Board

Policy 5 Role of Board Chair

Policy 11 Delegation


Cross References:


AP 151 Media Relations