Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 151

Media Relations




The Superintendent ensures that positive external and internal communications are developed and maintained within practices and procedures that protect students and staff from unwelcome intrusions into the operation of schools.




1.   The Superintendent or designate shall approve all information released to the media from the Division Office.


2.   In the event of emergency or crisis interactions, the Superintendent or designate shall determine what information shall be given to the media, and by whom.


3.   The Principal shall approve all information released to the media from schools.


Note: Information releases, which accurately communicate the Board’s business to the public, may only be issued by persons authorized by the Board as per Policy 5 – Role of the Board Chair.


4.   Representatives of the media may be permitted into the schools for legitimate reporting and promotional purposes. This is at the discretion of the Principal.


5.   Media representatives shall not be allowed to disrupt the normal operation of a school or a class for the purpose of information gathering. This includes the interviewing of Division employees and/or students during regular class times.  All such requests shall be directed first to the Superintendent or designate for approval.


6.   The Superintendent or designate shall advise the school immediately of the decision in such cases.


7.      Particular care should be exercised in protecting the rights of all students when media are present.


Revised                  October, 2012

Reviewed:               November, 2011

Next Review by:      November, 2016


Legislative References:


School Act Section 27, 60, 61


Board Policy:


Policy 5 Role of Board Chair

Policy 11 Delegation


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