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Administrative Procedure 190





Wild Rose School Division supports the use of duplicated or reproduced materials to augment the educational learning resources, with the proviso that all pertinent national and international laws are respected and adhered to. To that end the Division has provided schools with copies of the CANCOPY licensing agreement, including the restrictions and exclusion lists that pertain to copyright procedures.


Under no circumstances will the Division accept responsibility for any employee who willingly and knowingly contravenes the Copyright Act or who copies materials without permission of the authors or publishers excluded from the CANCOPY license, or who violates the Public Performance Rights license.




The following is not intended to be a complete list of the rules that apply to copyright law, only to provide some guidelines for the general areas of copyright procedure.


  1. Print resources

1.1     An individual may duplicate for personal use a single copy of an article, poem, newspaper summaries, or a portion of a work for research, criticism or private study.

1.2     Unless covered by the CANCOPY agreement, all other print duplication must be done with the written permission of the copyright owner.


     2.  Video Resources

2.1     All copyright law, with respect to the use of video resources, will be compiled and distributed to schools through the office of the Assistant Superintendent, Instruction.


     3. Computer software and programs

3.1     Computer programs and software must be used in accordance with the conditions outlined in the licensing agreement.

3.2     Any lending arrangement for computer software or programming must be for the original copy only, and not the back up copy allowed by the copyright owner.


     4. Music Resources

4.1     Music resources are generally covered by the SOCAN Agreement.

4.2     Sound recordings can be played in the classroom without permission of the copyright owner if: it takes place on the premises of the educational institution, is under the guidance of an instructor acting under the authority of the school, is for educational or training purposes, is not for profit, is in front of an audience that is mostly students and does not involve material gain.


     5. Live performances of protected works

5.1     A live performance, such as a play, can be performed without permission of the copyright owner, if the same conditions listed under “Music Resources” are met.


      6. Public domain resources

6.1     Employees may reproduce works that are in the “public domain”.

6.2     A work is in the “public domain” if 50 years have elapsed since the death of the creator. The exceptions are: the rights have been passed on to another person(s) or a new edition of the work has been created. In the latter case, only the original work remains in the public domain.



Reviewed:               December, 2011

Next Review by:      December, 2016


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