Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 196

School Involvement in Graduation Activities




School involvement in graduation activities is encouraged to ensure that ceremonies are conducted in a manner consistent with the policies of the Board.    However, the Wild Rose School Division shall not become involved in any way with graduation activities where alcohol is involved.


Based on its beliefs regarding education and graduation ceremonies, as well as good risk management practices, the Board insists on strict segregation of its staff and resources from any activities involved in the planning, staging or supervising of graduation activities where consumption of alcohol is involved.



1.      Graduation activities in which school or division participation is involved may not involve the use of alcohol.


2.      In the event that there are activities where consumption of alcohol is permitted, school division employees shall excuse themselves from any such discussions, planning or activity.  Furthermore, any such discussions, planning or activity shall not be permitted on school premises, the activity shall not be held on school premises, and any such meetings shall not be publicized through any involvement of the school or division.


3.      School division employees shall not participate in the supervision of graduation activities where consumption of alcohol is permitted.




1.      With respect to graduation activities where consumption of alcohol is involved, actions in which school division employees may not involve themselves may include, but are not limited to:


  • hosting planning meetings


  • allowing planning meetings on any school property


  • publicizing meetings


  • providing resources or office support for meetings


  • providing verbal or written support for such activities


  • providing resources or support for such activities



Approved:              October 31, 2005

Reviewed:               December, 2011

Next Review by:      December, 2016


Legislative References:


Section 60, 61, School Act


Board Policy:


Policy 11 Delegation


Cross References:


AP 364 Commencement Requirements