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Administrative Procedure 202

Staffing Guide




Determination of the number of teacher certificated and support staff at the school level is the responsibility of the Principal, subject to the approval of the Superintendent. Care shall be taken to ensure that the needs of students are met and that the program requirements are fully addressed. The Principal is responsible for the deployment of teacher certificated and support staff within the school.


The following class sizes reflect the targets established by Alberta Education through the Class Size Initiative.




Class Size:


1.      Regular Program


1.1     Kindergarten                             Maximum                17


1.2     Grades One, Two, Three            Maximum                17


1.3     Grades Four, Five, Six               Maximum                23


1.4     Grades Seven, Eight, Nine         Maximum                25


1.5     Grades Ten, Eleven, Twelve – It is recognized that upper and lower limits may be difficult to achieve due to the nature of programs offered, and the needs of certain students to graduate. As a guideline, however, it is recommended:


1.5.1     That where courses are offered two or more times during the school year, classes should maintain an enrollment minimum of 20 and maximum of 27, and where the course is offered only once, a minimum of 15.


2.      Special Needs Students


2.1     It is recommended that the needs of the child(ren) receiving special programming determine the level of certificated and support staff required in a particular school.


School Capacities:


1.      In determining the number of classes, programs, staff, etc., Principals should be cognizant of the net capacity of the school. As a general guideline, total enrollments should not exceed eighty-five per cent (85%) of net capacity. Enrollments in excess of this should be brought to the attention of the Superintendent, in writing.


2.      Non-resident students (those whose parents/guardians are not residents of the Wild Rose Public Schools  for educational purposes) may be admitted to Division schools:


2.1     Where space permits; and


2.2     On a year-to-year basis


3.      Where space no longer exists in a school, non-resident students may be asked to return to their home jurisdiction or transfer to another school in the Division where space is available. Such changes would only occur at the beginning or end of a school year.



Revised:                 December 15, 2005

Reviewed:               October, 2011

Next Review by:      October, 2016


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AP 302 Foreign and Non-Resident Students