Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 207

Religious and Patriotic Instruction




In accordance with the School Act, Wild Rose School Division encourages the offering of Religious and Patriotic instruction in the schools.  The following administrative procedures shall apply.




1.      The Principal shall ensure that the Canadian Flag and the Alberta Flag are displayed at the school.


2.      Schools may offer religious instruction to students.


3.      Should schools decide to offer religious instruction, parents will be notified of the decision in writing prior to the commencement of instruction.


4.      Where a teacher or other person providing religious or patriotic instruction receives a written request signed by a parent of a student, that student may be excluded from religious or patriotic instruction. The teacher shall permit the student to:

4.1     Leave the classroom or place where the instruction is taking place for the duration of the instruction; or

4.2     Remain in the classroom or place of instruction without taking part in the instruction or exercise.


5.      Adequate supervision and/or alternative instruction shall be provided for all students who choose not to participate.


6.      Schools are encouraged to commence school days and special occasions with the playing and/or singing of "O Canada".


7.      Schools are required to observe Remembrance Day on the nearest operational day preceding November 11, with a two minute silence or school assembly.



Reviewed:               October, 2011

Next Review by:      October 2016


Legislative References:


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Board Policy:


Policy 11 Delegation


Cross References:


AP 205 Controversial Issues

AP 205-1 Notice Form under Section11.1 of the Alberta Human Rights Act

AP 280 Program Evaluation

AP 380 Appeals Concerning Students