Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 210

Early Childhood Services




Wild Rose School Division believes that Early Childhood Services programs should address the developmental needs of each child.  Where such programs are offered by the Division, it supports an integrated model of services involving staff, parents and the community shall be followed. 




1.      The Early Childhood Services (ECS) Program will adhere to the beliefs, principles, goals and program dimensions as set out in the current Alberta Education Program Statement.


2.      Enrollment in Early Childhood programs is voluntary.


3.      Children who are five years old on or before December 31 will be eligible for ECS


         Note: Wild Rose School Division recommends that children attain the age of five years prior to entering Early Childhood programs.  Parents are cautioned to investigate fully the advantages and disadvantages associated with placing their children in ECS prior to them reaching the age of five years.


4.      A variety of program models (full-day, full-day every day. half-day and/or home-based program) may be available depending on the needs of the child and the community, and resources available.


5.      Where ECS programs are offered by Wild Rose School Division, children are considered as enrolled students for budgeting purposes, and as such are part of the whole school’s budget process.


6.      Pre-Kindergarten programs may be offered to students who are four years old on or before December 31 and qualify for support in the area of language development.


7.      A child with special needs may quality for programming as early as three years of age on or before December 31 of that school year.  Such students would be subject to required assessments and qualification for special funding.



Revised                  October, 2012

Reviewed:               October, 2011

Next Review by:      October, 2016


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Cross Reference:


AP 300 Student Entrance Age