Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 211

English Language Learner (ELL)




Educational programs for students who have recently arrived in Canada and Alberta resident students who require special assistance in learning English as a second language in order to follow classroom instruction in English shall be provided. In teaching students who are learning English as another language, as for all students, every student is taught based on the identification of his or her developmental and language proficiency with the needs of each student being addressed.


Effective instruction for English language learners needs to both support achievement of grade-level learning outcomes and promote language acquisition.  All teachers, in all subject areas, share the responsibility for language development.  (Making a Difference Meeting diverse learning needs with differentiated instruction 2010).




1.      English Language (ELL) students are defined as those who have recently arrived in Canada and Alberta resident students whose proficiency in English is not commensurate with their age and/or abilities, as English is not their first language.


2.      The Principal shall code ELL students on the Education Information System for transmitting to Alberta Education.


2.1     301 Foreign Born; 303 Canadian Born


3.      The Principal shall develop a program plan for ELL students which will:


3.1     Use appropriate assessments for program development which include" Alberta K-12 ESL Proficiency Benchmarks" as per Alberta Education. 


3.2     Encourage rapid integration of the student(s) into the school and community environment; and


3.3     Give attention to the linguistic, cultural and academic needs of the students.


4.      ELL programs may be developed for students who do not speak English when entering Wild Rose School Division even though they do not qualify under the Alberta Education definition of ELL (for grant purposes).


5.      ESL programs will be provided in accordance with the Alberta Education's Program of Studies and appropriate ESL curricular documents.


Revised                 November 28, 2014

Reviewed:              October, 2011

Next Review by:      October, 2016



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Policy 1.5.1 – English as a Second Language


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Cross Reference:


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