Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 212

Second Language Instruction


Division Regulations:


The Division believes that in a bilingual and multi-cultural society it is important for students to have access to courses that will help them acquire and maintain proficiency in a second language. Second Language programs in Wild Rose School Division shall be provided subject to the following procedures




1.      The programs offered within the Division shall be in accordance with the policies, procedures and guidelines of Alberta Education.


2.      Second Language programs are optional.  They may be offered where numbers warrant, and appropriate instructional strategies and qualified staffing are available.


3.      Dual track schooling for kindergarten to grade eight (French Immersion and English Language instruction in the same school) is the preferred alternative for offering French Immersion in the Rocky Mountain House area.  This will allow students in both tracks the cultural and social advantages of contact with each other.


4.      Care should be taken to ensure that the minimum number of hours of instruction for French Immersion is maintained or exceeded, in order to maintain proficiency in the language and maximize available grants.


5.      Where there are additional costs associated with the operation of Second Language programs, the Division reserves its right to establish a user fee for materials and instructional resources other than tuition costs, as it may do for other optional, high cost courses, on the recommendation of the Principal to the Superintendent.


6.      The Division reserves its right not to offer any program where numbers do not warrant, or where financial or other constraints make the program no longer viable.


Revised                  October, 2012

Reviewed:               October, 2011

Next Review by:      October, 2016


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Board Policy:


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Cross Reference


AP 211 English as a Second Language