Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 215

Work Experience




Wild Rose School Division supports the provision of work experience opportunities through school/community partnerships to help students acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes and gain practical experience related to life skills and career opportunities.




Work Experience Education is defined as follows:


Work Experience: Experiential learning undertaken by a senior high school student as an integral part of a planned school program; which is under the cooperative supervision of a teacher/coordinator and which constitutes a separate course based on 25 hours per credit; and


Work Study: Experiential learning integrated with a course undertaken by a junior or senior high school student as an integral part of an approved school course or program which is under the cooperative supervision of the subject teacher, work experience teacher/coordinator and the employer where no additional credit is given. Work study may be incorporated as part of Academic-Occupational or Special Education programs.




1.      The Work Experience Program consists of three courses: Work Experience 15, 25 and 35. There are no prerequisites for these courses. Students may obtain up to five high school credits in each of these three Work Experience courses providing they have successfully completed a minimum of 25 hours for each credit.


2.      Work experience shall include an in-school job orientation and debriefing component to facilitate the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that students must acquire in order to enter, adjust and advance in a career.


2.1     Selected Career Transition courses from the Career and Technology Studies program are components of Work Experience 15, 25 and 35 as follows:


a.         CTR1010: Job Preparation is a required component of the first work experience course taken by a student.


b.         CTR2010: Job Maintenance is a suggested component of the second work experience course taken by a student.


c.         CTS3010: Preparing for Change is a suggested component of the third work experience course taken by a student.


2.2     Principals should report the marks and credits for the above CTS courses separately from the work experience courses.


3.      Work Study is non-credit with flexibility in the number of hours and in the number of times a student may register in the program.


4.      Students shall comply with the age requirements under the Employment Standards Code, RSA 2000, Chapter E-9 in order to participate in Work Experience Education.


5.      Work Experience Education shall be carried out under the supervision and guidance of a teacher. The Work Experience teacher should be assigned one block period for each class of 25 students, where staffing permits.


6.      Work Experience Education shall be evaluated by the assigned teacher. The means of evaluation shall be conveyed to the student and the employer, as approved by the Principal.


7.      The Work Experience assigned teacher shall specify learner expectations for each student in consultation with the student and the employer.


8.      Work Experience Education shall include an in-school job orientation and debriefing component to facilitate the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that students must acquire in order to enter, adjust and advance in a career.


9.      The Work Experience assigned teacher shall determine that the work site/station is acceptable. An approved work station must meet the following criteria:


9.1     A trade, occupation or profession will be represented


9.2     A supervising person who is qualified in the trade or occupation will give direction to and supervise the student


9.3     The supervising person will have time to supervise and give direction to the student


9.4     The work site/station will be acceptable in terms of Employment Standards Code, Canada Department of Labour Legislation, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, local standards and other legislated requirements.


9.5     The work site/station is acceptable to the school Principal and to the parents of the student in terms of its education content.


10.     For students registering in Work Experience Education, the school shall have:


10.1   The work sites/stations approved by the Principal.  Copies of the 'Application For Approval of Work Sites/Stations' are available from the Divisional Office.


10.2   The 'Agreement for Work Experience Education Program' in place with signed approval of parent/guardian, employer and participating student. Copies of the 'Agreement for Work Education Program' are available from the Divisional Office.


10.3   The Work Experience Program shall be monitored every five years in keeping with the Alberta Education's monitoring expectations.




The working hours of senior high school Work Experience students shall be restricted to 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The junior high school Work Study Program hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The exemption from the minimum wage by the Employment Standards Branch, Alberta Labour, and Workers' Compensation Board coverage by Alberta Education will apply only during these hours.




1.      Students who are 12 and 13 years of age may participate in an approved Work Study Program in the following general areas:


1.1     Office and clerical work (delivery, filing, duplicating, telephone, receptionist, messenger)


1.2     Cashiering and selling


1.3     Price marking, tagging, assembling orders, packing, shelving, rotating stock, receiving goods, arranging displays


1.4     Bagging and delivery of merchandise


1.5     Librarian's helper




1.      The annual "Application for Approval of Work Sites/Stations' shall be completed by the assigned teacher.  This form shall be approved and signed by the Principal.


2.      The 'Agreement for Work Experience Education Program' will be signed by the employer, the student worker, the parent/guardian and the assigned teacher.


3.      The annual 'Application for Approval of the Work Sites/Stations' and the 'Agreement for Work Experience Education Program' signed by all parties shall be on file at the school before students are placed in work stations. A copy with the original signatures shall be kept at the school. Protection under the Workers' Compensation Act and the Board's liability is not in effect, nor are employers exempt from paying the minimum wage, until the 'Application for Approval of Work Sites/Stations' is approved.


4.      The Superintendent or designate shall receive the following information before the implementation of the school's Work Experience Education Program:


4.1     A copy of the annual 'Application for Approval of Work Sites/Stations'; and


4.2     A list of all students participating in the program and their work experience program placements.


5.      In the case of a student working regular school hours, the Work Experience assigned teacher shall make available to students and employers a telephone number where someone responsible for the program can be reached. Teachers are not required to provide supervision of students outside regular school hours.


6.      An assigned teacher shall contact the work experience site/station once per month over the period of the Work Experience placement. The assigned teacher shall ensure that adequate supervision is provided for students in Work Study sites/stations.


7.      An annual evaluation report shall be prepared by the Principal. This report shall be submitted to the Superintendent or designate by June 30 and shall include:


7.1     Enrollment figures for Work Experience courses and Work Study programs;


7.2     Problems encountered and methods used to deal with them;


7.3     Innovations to the program; and


7.4     Feedback received from business.


8.      In the case of a Workers' Compensation Board claim, the Principal shall submit the necessary forms to the Superintendent or designate. The Superintendent or designate shall insert the Alberta Education Account Code, 345912/6, then submit the forms to WCB with the forms plus a copy of the approved Approval of Work Sites/Stations to the Policy Unit, Curriculum Standards Branch, Alberta Education, for processing and filing with Workers' Compensation Board.


Reviewed:               October, 2012

Next Review by:      October 2016






Addendum 1


Wild Rose School Division


Agreement For Off Campus Education Program




The Off-Campus Education Program provides an opportunity for junior and senior high school students to enhance and apply, in real-life contexts, knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired through course work. This program is viewed as a partnership of student, school and community (i.e., business, industry, volunteer and other agencies). Partnerships provide opportunities for students to explore and expand their career interests and aptitudes in meaningful activities, situated in community-based work stations, work sites and volunteer agencies.


Some expectations for the course are that the individual will:


a)      have an opportunity to participate in meaningful work


b)      gain an understanding of the importance of developing acceptable work habits, good grooming, and need for self-discipline


c)      develop an understanding of positive attitudes for getting along with people


d)      learn about the organization of business and the relationships of employee to employer, unions, and government through direct contact with these agencies.


Please check Appropriate Course Designation:


___ Work Experience 15                  ___ Work Experience 25                  ___ Work Experience 35

___ RAP                                         ___ Work Study                              ___ Special Education


Parties to the Agreement:


PLEASE NOTE:  This is a legal document, please be sure to complete it clearly and completely.  PLEASE PRINT.


Name of Student                                                                                                                                  


Telephone Number                                                                                                                               

Student's Job Title                                                                                                                               


Name of Employer/Firm                                                                                                                        


Telephone Number                                                                                                                               

Name of Supervising Officer                                                                                                                 




Addendum 2


Wild Rose School Division


Agreement For Off Campus Education Program


1.      EMPLOYMENT:  The student worker agrees to enter the employ of the employer and the employer agrees to employ and supervise the student worker.


2.      DUTIES:  The student worker agrees to perform for the employer the duties included in the job description as determined by the employer.


3.      REPORT FORMS:  The Board shall keep the employer supplied with forms for visits and reports by the employer to the Board concerning the work and conduct of the student worker.  The Board reserves the right to visit the student worker to assist in the educational aspects of the program.


4.      WORKERS' COMPENSATION:  The parties are aware of the terms and conditions concerning the aforesaid employment and the Workers' Compensation Act (Alberta).


5.      INDEMNITY:  In consideration of the Board having arranged for the off campus experiences herein described, the undersigned parent or guardian agrees, and if more than one execute this agreement, they agree jointly and severally with the Board to save harmless and indemnify the Board with respect to any expense, costs or liability arising out of any damage or injury occurring or alleged to occur in or in connection with the aforesaid employment and with respect to any damage or other claim.


6.      TERMINATION:  Any party to this agreement may terminate it by giving notice of termination by registered mail to the other parties at the addresses shown in the agreement.


7.      OTHER EMPLOYEES:  The student worker will not replace any regular or casual employees of the employer.


8.      INSURANCE:  The Board maintains insurance with respect to its liability and that of the student workers under this program.  The employer has the right to inspect the policy of insurance from time to time in effect.


  1. EFFECTIVE PERIOD AND HOURS:  This agreement shall, unless otherwise terminated, be effective from ____________________ 20___ until ____________________ 20___. Working hours shall be from __________________ to __________________.


10.     EMPLOYMENT:  In the event the student shall be employed by the employer outside of the scope of this agreement, the employer and the employee are subject to provincial employment legislation, the regulations and order thereunder.




Signature of the Employer



Signature of Student Worker                                                                       Signature of Parent/Guardian



Signature of Assigned Teacher or Principal


Distribution of completed agreement:

            - original retained by employer   -    one copy for the student   -   one copy for the school




Addendum 3


Wild Rose School Division


Application For Approval Of Work Sites/Stations



School                                                                                   School Year                                            


Address                                                                                 School Code                                           


                                                                                             Phone No.                                               


Work Experience

Assigned Teacher                                                                   Fax No.                                                   


PROGRAM TYPE(S)  (Please Check)


  1. Work Experience 15/25/35                   
  2. K&E                                                   
  3. Special Project                                    
  4. RAP                                                   
  5. Work Study                                         
  6. Special Education                               




Description of Work Experience Education Stations:


Name of Business/Firm

Student Duties

Student's Supervisor

# Students Enrolled






































1.      Procedures associated with the approval of Work Experience Programs are presented in the Guide to Education - Junior and Senior High School Handbooks and require that this form be completed by a school offering or intending to offer a Work Experience Program and signed by the Superintendent of Schools or Designate.  This signature attests that the division's Work Experience Program has been approved by the local Board of Education.


2.      It is understood by the school,Wild Rose School Division and the employer that students registered in the Work Experience/Study program:


         2.1     will not replace regular employees


         2.2     will be protected by the Workers' Compensation Act upon acceptance of this application by Wild Rose School Division


         2.3     who work days or hours before or after the hours as specified by the Work Experience program:


                  2.3.1     are not covered for Workers' Compensation by the Department of Education and


                  2.3.2     shall be paid at a rate not less than the applicable minimum wage.


3.      It is understood by all parties that the work site/station will be acceptable in terms of the Employment Standards Code, Canada Department of Labour Legislation, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, local standards and other legislated requirements.


4.      I affirm that parental or guardian approval will be obtained on the student's behalf and that a student-employer contract will be signed by both parties and the parents of under-age students, and that this contract will be on file at the school attended by the student, before the student is placed at the work station.




                        School Principal or Assigned Teacher                            Date


APPROVED on behalf of Wild Rose School Division




                        Superintendent of Schools or Designate                        Date



Copies of this form are to be kept:


         a)      on file at the school


         b)      one copy forwarded to the Superintendent of Schools



Legislative References:


School Act Section 39, 54, 60, 61

Employment Standards Code RSA 2000 E-9

Policy 1.4.3 Off-Campus Education

Off-Campus Education Guide for Administrators, Counsellors and Teachers, 2000

Off Campus Education Handbook

Guide to Education K-12



Board Policy:


Policy 11 Delegation