Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 217

Special Projects




The offering of Special Project credits in Wild Rose School Division is approved.  Special Projects Credits are designed to recognize work undertaken by students on an individual or small group basis.  Students must be involved in the selection, planning, and organizing of their own special project.  In addition to the outline in the Guide to Education, ECS to Grade 12, the following procedures shall be adhered to in the Division.




1.      Only students registered in regular school programs shall be permitted to register for Special Projects Credits.  


2.      No remuneration may be received by a student for the Special Project or the course work attached to it.


3.      At the grade ten level a student must be registered in a minimum of 35 credits exclusive of the special project in order to take the Special Project.


4.      A student shall submit a written outline of his/her program to both his/her supervising teacher and Principal including the following:


a.      Description of the Special Project


b.      Hours of the Special Project and a timeline for completion;


c.      The process involved in completion;


d.      Learner outcomes; and


e.      Evaluation scheme.


5.      Registration for the Special Project Program shall be done before September 30 and February 28 of the school term.


6.      Where a student completes the Special Project off campus, provisions of the Alberta Education Off-Campus Policy apply.


7.      Students shall submit a report to the supervising teacher who shall keep these on file for the Principal and these reports shall be used by the supervising teacher or committee in the final evaluation. These reports must meet the deadlines of the reporting periods of the school.


8.      All Special Projects Programs shall be completed by the student and evaluated by June 15 of the school year.


9.      At the conclusion of the project, a student shall submit a comprehensive written report of work done to the supervising teacher and if required by the nature of the project, appear before a committee chaired by the Principal and give an oral presentation of the project.


10.     Special cases such as development of courses and final evaluation may be submitted by the student to the Associate Superintendent - Professional Services.  The decision of the Associate Superintendent--Professional Services is final.



Updated:                November 24, 2005

Reviewed:               October, 2011

Next Review:           October, 2016


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