Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 218

Outreach Programs




Wild Rose School Division supports the establishment of Outreach Programs within the Division to meet the needs of students with unique educational, social and psychological concerns.


These programs provide an alternate educational delivery system to students who are at risk of non-completion in the traditional educational settings and will provide this service using the following procedures.




1.      Students who are 19 years or younger, as of September 1st in the current school year, are eligible to enroll in the Outreach Program.


2.      Students who are 19 years or older, as of September 1st in the current school year, can enroll in the Outreach school, subject to the payment of a tuition fee.


3.      An Outreach Program will consist of programs and courses approved by the Alberta Education, as well as locally developed courses approved by the Superintendent or designate


4.      Outreach Program Schools shall operate as stand-alone schools under the Principal of the attending High school in the area and under the supervision of the Superintendent.


5.      An Outreach School Handbook will be developed by the Principal of the attending High School and will set guidelines for student eligibility, performance expectations, attendance guidelines, and program monitoring.


6.      Students will have access to a teacher during the instructional day, as well as opportunities to access services related to personal and career counseling, interpersonal skill development and behavioral concerns. Provision of these services should be made available through a cooperative relationship between the school and community resource agencies.


  • Outreach Programs in Wild Rose School Division are intended to meet the needs of students who exhibit one or more of the following characteristics


  • Prefer to enroll in courses, which are provided through an outreach delivery model


  • Have dropped out of school or are currently at risk of dropping out of school


  • Have health problems or extenuating family circumstances, which preclude regular school attendance


  • Are unable to meet regular school class times due to employment or personal commitments


  • Wish to enroll in a low-enrollment course that may not be offered in a regular school setting


  • Need only a small number of courses or credits to graduate


  • Wish to accelerate their high school program


  • Are able to work independently



Reviewed:               October 2011

Next Review by:      October 2016


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Cross Reference:


AP 213 Special Education

AP 214 Knowledge and Employability Program

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