Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 230

Home Education




Parents have the right to choose the alternative of Home Education programs, approved under the School Act and its Program Regulations.  The following procedures govern the operation of Home Education programs offered by Wild Rose School Division.




1.      Home education shall be approved only in so far as it complies with the School Act, Alberta Education policy and regulations, and the policy and procedures of the Division.


2.      Parents wishing approval for a Home Education program are required to register at the school closest to the student’s residence prior to approval.


3.      The Principal shall arrange for the registration of the student as a Home Education student.  This action is taken for the purpose of:


3.1     Including Home Education students in reporting system enrollments to Alberta Education


3.2     Acquiring pupil grants


3.3     Administering provincial achievement tests


3.4     Accommodating the student for use of school facilities, resources and services


4.      The Alberta Distance Learning Centre Program is an approved program in Wild Rose School Division.  Where registration is completed in time for the school to access student grants, there is no charge for tuition, lessons or materials.  Where registration occurs after the grant application deadline, the parent/guardian or student shall be responsible for all costs.


5.      Textbooks used within the Division's classrooms shall be available to home study students.  Texts, materials and supplies may not be purchased through the Division.  Programs of studies and curriculum guides can be obtained from Alberta Education Resources Distribution Centre at the parent’s expense.


6.      The Division shall not be responsible for the safety of the student during the period in which he/she is engaged in Home Education, including travel to and from the school, for the purpose of accessing any facilities or services which have been made available for use.  Responsibility for supervision shall be accepted only when the Principal agrees in writing to the student’s participation in school activities or to use of school facilities under staff supervision.  In all such cases, the safety of the student in moving to and from the school shall be the full responsibility of the parent.


7.      Use of school materials (library books etc.) on school premises shall be at the discretion of the Principal.  The use of school materials, equipment shall be restricted to times when they are not required by students attending the school or in any way interfering with the normal operation of the school.


8.      Use of audio-visual equipment and other division-owned property shall be in accordance with Administrative Procedure 540 – Community Use of School Facilities.


9.      Principals are encouraged to include Home Education Students in school activities to the greatest extent possible.


10.     Principals shall provide all supervision requirements for a Home Education program.


11.     Supervision provided by the Principal for a Home Education program shall:


11.1   Access or provide for the assessment of the student’s achievement on a regular basis including a minimum of two interviews or home visits per school year at the discretion of the school Principal;


11.2   Provide for and maintain records of the assessment of the student’s achievement;


11.3   Notify the parent if there are any deficiencies in the program including the eligibility to write grade 12 diploma examinations or the granting of credits;


11.4   Assist in developing a Home Education plan which is consistent with provincial policy, regulations and procedures; and


11.5   Supervise provincially administered achievement tests for students in grade 3, 6 and 9.


12.     The Division may, in writing, terminate the program and direct the student to a school under provisions contained in Home Education Regulation 126/99.


13.     The parent/guardian may appeal decisions to the Superintendent regarding a Home Education program.


14.     The grade and program placement of students returning to the regular schooling from a Home Education program shall be determined by the Principal.


15.     All reimbursement requests shall be made in writing to the Principal, and shall include all receipts for reimbursement of course fees and instructional materials, as per Alberta Education guidelines.



Reviewed:               October, 2011

Next Review by:            October, 2016


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Cross Reference:


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