Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 302

Foreign and Non-Resident Students




The future outlook for international education is positive. There is a desire from foreign countries to enrol students in Canadian schools and Alberta Education is continuing to work on “Alberta’s International Education Strategy, July 2001”. Alberta Education welcomes students from other countries and encourages school jurisdictions to assist those students who wish to be educated in Alberta schools.


With an International Student Services program, Wild Rose School Division will be able to assume a proactive role in international education and the Division supports the practice of allowing foreign students to study in its schools and exchanging students with those from other provinces or countries. The Division believes these practices serve as a means to foster national and international goodwill, and because such experience provides valuable learning opportunities for students. A quality international student education program will exemplify the division’s motto of “creating powerful learning environments”.


The Division encourages schools and hosting organizations to provide opportunities that enrich the student exchange experience. However, any activities of this nature shall remain within the funding parameters of the host organization, or school, and no financial obligation will be undertaken by the Division to assist with their completion except where the Division is engaged in active recruitment of international students.


Division Guidelines:


The following goals for the International Student Services program are provided to guide the planning of programs for student exchanges:


1.      To develop and promote multicultural understanding and global awareness for students within Wild Rose School Division.


2.      To provide a high quality education for international students.


3.      To provide opportunities for students to be exposed to and develop language skills.


4.      To provide opportunities that enhance teacher development


5.      To enhance the classroom experience of teachers and students through the strength in diversity of the multicultural classroom and school.


6.      To enhance the learning of multiculturalism and citizenship in the global community.



Reviewed:            July, 2011

Next Review by:   July, 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Section 49(2), 60, 61


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation