Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 310

Safe Working Environment


Wild Rose School Division is responsible for ensuring the personal health and safety of those for whom it serves by advocating programs that promote awareness and a positive attitude toward health and safety.


1.      The Superintendent or Designate shall:


         1.1     ensure that the safety procedures and practices are consistent with Legislation,


         1.2     provide for appropriate in-service and/or training in safety-related matters, as required,


         1.3     keep principals informed about legislative or other changes in safety regulations that may affect them,


         1.4     request assistance from appropriate organizations in helping the Division meet its safety and health responsibilities,


         1.5     Implement Division safety procedures and develop safety regulations in conjunction with schools, the Maintenance Supervisor, and Divisional administration,


         1.6     Communicate safety procedures to principals, for dissemination to staff, students, parents and public,


         1.7     Ensure that safety procedures are followed and adhered to,


         1.8     Encourage principals to have as many employees as possible trained in First Aid,


         1.9     Direct safety investigations as required,


         1.10   Ensure that accidents are reported to proper authorities, when required, and,


         1.11   Initiate corrective actions as required.


2.      Principals Shall:


         2.1     Provide for and coordinate educational programs and resources for staff and parents which assist in the development of good safety practices and attitudes.


         2.2     Maintain accurate accident records.


         2.3     Identify potentially hazardous situations and provide direction, support and supervision to ensure that procedures are in place to correct them.


         2.4     Conduct and or facilitate regular safety inspections.


3.      Teachers Shall:


         3.1     Exemplify and provide instruction in health and safety practices and procedures in accordance with this administrative procedure.


         3.2     Identify unsafe conditions and report these in writing to the Principal.


         3.3     Ensure that their students have access to knowledge of environmental safety factors and safe behavioural practices.


4.      Students Shall:


         4.1     Be knowledgeable of environmental safety factors and safe behavioural practices.


         4.2     Conduct themselves in accordance with established safety practices and rules such as wearing appropriate dress and protective clothing.


         4.3     Identify possible hazardous or unhealthy conditions and inform school staff of such situations.


5.      Parents Shall:


         5.1     Inform the school (Principal) especially at school opening, about relevant student medical problems and disabilities.


         5.2     Inform the Principal about their decision to exclude their children from courses or activities that may be potentially injurious to that student. 



Reviewed:               August , 2011

Next Review by:      August, 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Section  12, 18, 19, 20, 45, 60, 61


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation

         Policy 12 Role of Superintendent




         AP 311 Student Safety

         AP 315 Accidents to Students

         AP 412 Teachers

         AP 451 Harassment

         AP 452 Alleged Sexual Abuse by a Division Employee

         AP 460 Smoke Free Environment

         AP 486 Principals