Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 313

Fire Safety Regulations




Wild Rose School Division, recognizing the responsibility for occupant safety and careful stewardship of its facilities, requires all employees to ensure that recommended fire safety precautions are practiced. The focus of such precautions shall be to protect all occupants, furnishings and facilities from fire damage.




1.      Authorities to notify immediately in case of fire:


         1.1     Fire department


         1.2     Maintenance Supervisor


         1.3     Secretary-Treasurer; and


         1.4     Superintendent


         1.5     The Board (to be notified by the Superintendent)


2.      Procedures to follow in case of fire:


         2.1     Activate the nearest accessible alarm


         2.2     Conduct a prompt, orderly evacuation of the facility and adjacent facilities


         2.3     Notify the fire department


         2.4     Proceed to extinguish the fire only if knowledgeable and the fire appears to be easily extinguishable


         2.5     Do not permit re-entry by the occupants until the fire department or the person in charge of the facility grants permission to do so; and


         2.6     Assign one individual who is knowledgeable about the facility to act in a liaison capacity with the fire officer in charge


3.      Fire Drill and Alarm Procedures


         3.1     The person responsible for a facility is also responsible for conducting periodic fire drills


         3.2     Where students are involved, drills must be conducted at least five times during a school year with the first drill occurring as early in the school term as it is practical to have it


         3.3     Procedures for safe evacuation and preventative fire safety measures must be posted in classrooms, hallways, work areas, and evacuation routes


         3.4     The procedures and safety measures must be reviewed and documented with all regular occupants of a facility at least once each year


         3.5     All fire alarm activations shall be recorded in a logbook by the person responsible for the facility


         3.6     Facility-based procedures and safety measures should include:


                  3.6.1     Planned evacuation routes


                  3.6.2     Safe destinations


                  3.6.3     Level of evacuation supervision


                  3.6.4     Roll call checks; and


                  3.6.5     Measures to be taken to retard the spread of fire


4.      Preventative Measures


         4.1     Flammable materials and liquids shall be stored in locations which meet the requirements of applicable fire safety legislations


         4.2     The Maintenance Supervisor or designate shall ensure that regular inspections at least once a year are made of:


                  4.2.1     Fire protection equipment


                  4.2.2     Alarm systems


                  4.2.3     Emergency lighting; and


                  4.2.4     High-risk fire areas such as furnace rooms and storage spaces



Reviewed:               August, 2011

Next Review by:      August, 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Section 45, 60, 61

         Provincial and Municipal Codes


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




         AP 310 Safe Working Environment

         AP 311 Student Safety

         AP 533 Fire Safety Systems