Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 315

Accidents to Students




Injury prevention must be a priority at all times. However, when accidents to students do occur, care must be exercised. Wherever possible, individuals with first aid training should examine the student to determine the nature and extent of the injury before proceeding further. Where no such person is immediately available, a staff member is expected to act as a reasonable parent in using his/her own judgment in what is best for the child. 




1.      If a student, upon initial examination is suspected of having a serious injury, he/she shall not be moved except where required by external dangers. Someone with first aid training, or a medical practitioner should be called to the scene. The injured person should be made as comfortable as possible, and should not normally be left unattended during this period.


2.      Before treating minor injuries in school, school personnel should check verbally or from the student's record card whether there are any allergies that may affect the student's treatment.


3.      Where the injury appears to warrant further medical attention, the parent/guardian should be phoned, and they should direct the school as to what action they deem appropriate (someone will collect the child, he should be taken to the hospital, etc.).


4.      Unless there are pressing reasons for not doing so, the parent/guardian should assume full responsibility for making appropriate arrangements for the medical treatment of the child from this point on.


5.      Where a parent/guardian is unavailable, and the situation appears to warrant it, the Principal or designate shall act in loco parentis, and take such action as he/she deems appropriate, including, where necessary, consultation with the child's physician.


6.      Injuries which require or might possibly require the service of a doctor, nurse or other trained person shall be recorded on the approved form, and retained on file at the school until at least two years after the student leaves the school.


7.      Where a parent/guardian authorizes it, or in their absence, the Principal deems it necessary, the Principal may authorize transportation of the student to a doctor or hospital. The driver may be reimbursed for travel expenses in accordance with Division procedures on submission of an expense claim. Both driver and vehicle will be fully insured by the Division's insurance policy in such cases.


8.      Where an employee of the Division transports the student or accompanies the student during transport he shall be granted leave of absence from regular duty with full pay and benefits.


9.      Where transport occurs by means of a properly certified ambulance service:


         9.1     The employee or his designate shall accompany the student, either within the ambulance or by private vehicle;


         9.2     The employee shall, if presented with an invoice for the ambulance service, forward the invoice to the Secretary-Treasurer.


10.     Where the Secretary-Treasurer receives an invoice for the provision of ambulance service he shall:


         10.1   In the first instance attempt to recover the monies from the parent/legal guardian of the student;


         10.2   Failing recovery of monies from the parent/legal guardian authorize, on behalf of the Division, payment of the invoice;


         10.3   Failing recovery of monies from the parent/legal guardian report all circumstances to the Superintendent, who may take such action as will enable the recovery of such monies.


11.     In all cases where medical treatment is administered to a student on or off the school premises, the parents/guardians should be informed by phone as soon as possible.



Reviewed:               July, 2011

Next Review by:      July, 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Section 18, 20, 45, 60, 61


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




         AP 310 Safe Working Environment

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         AP 319 Transporting Students who are Ill or Injured