Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 319

Transporting Students Who are Ill/Injured




There are occasions when it is necessary and desirable to transport sick or injured students from the school or school activity to their homes or for medical attention.  Private cars may be used for this purpose.




1.      Arrangements for transportation of sick or injured student shall be made through the Principal/designate.


2.      The vehicle used must have appropriate insurance coverage necessary to transport passengers.


3.      Mileage compensation for the use of a private vehicle shall be claimed through the school, at rates established periodically by the Division.



Reviewed:            July, 2011

Next Review by:   July, 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Section 45, 60, 61

         Section 2 Medical Aid Act Protection from Action


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




         AP 310 Safe Working Environment

         AP 311 Student Safety

         AP 315 Accidents to Students

         AP 316 Student Health Services

         AP 317 Student Medications

         AP 318 Consent to Medical Treatment