Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 320

Student Records




Wild Rose School Division maintains appropriate student records necessary for the education of students, for program placement, for verifying attendance and historical claims.




1.      Principals shall be responsible for ensuring that staff members follow the provisions of the School Act, Student Records Regulation 225/2006 and this administrative procedure for student records held in the school.


2.      A student record shall consist of all information that affects the decisions made about the education of the student that is collected or maintained by the Division, regardless of the manner in which it is maintained or stored. Such records shall be in accordance with current regulations.


3.      Information that is kept on student records and released to other educational institutions shall be in accordance with provincial regulations.


4.      Information on student records is to be treated as confidential by staff members. Student records shall be stored in such a manner that this confidentiality is maintained.


5.      Information from a student's record shall be released to qualified individuals  who have a bona fide interest in furthering the education of the student.  Parental approval should be obtained in advance, wherever possible.


Establishing, Storing and Transferring Records:


1.      A student record shall be kept for each student in Wild Rose School Division. Information about a student and his family shall be kept current and shall include only that which is useful to the school in the proper education of the student.


2.      The Principal shall ensure the  satisfactory method for the safekeeping of a student's records. All student records, when not in use, shall be kept secure.


3.      Transfers of records to schools elsewhere in Alberta, and outside the province, shall be in accordance with Alberta Regulation 225/2006.


4.      If a student transfers to another school within the Division, the student's Cumulative Record shall be transferred to the receiving school as soon as possible.


5.      Registers and other attendance-recording documents are the property of the Division.  They shall be stored at the school for two years following their completion and thereafter, shall be stored at the Division Office indefinitely.


6.      Student Cumulative Records shall be stored at the school for seven years following the exit of the student from the school, or until the student's twenty-fifth birthday, unless such records are transferred elsewhere through the provisions of policy, the School Act or its Regulations.


7.      Student Cumulative Records (referred to in No. 6) shall be destroyed by the school in such a manner so as to ensure the confidentiality of all such records.


8.      Parents and students shall be notified of the right of access to student records. The following statement shall appear on all individual report cards of students attending schools in the Division:


         "Under Section 23 of the School Act, students/parents are entitled to review their children's cumulative records. The record, if still in the possession of Wild Rose School Division after the student's twenty-fifth birthday, shall be destroyed."


9.      Principals shall be responsible for ensuring that staff members follow the provisions of this policy/regulation for student records held in the school.


10.     The Superintendent (or designate) shall be responsible for ensuring that staff members follow the provisions of this administrative procedure for registers and other attendance records held in the Division Office.


Maintaining Records:


1.      The Principal, or designate is responsible for record maintenance and access within her/his building. Records may be kept in one or more of three ways.


         1.1     Basic Information - represents the minimum personal data necessary for the operation of the Division, or as required by Alberta Education. Such records would be available to all professional staff, and would be updated periodically.

         1.2     Extended Information - consists of potentially useful information which goes beyond the basic requirements of record keeping. It may include such items as psychological or other assessments, probation or court reports, etc. These data may be kept in a separate, secured file if desired. Access is limited to those requiring this information in direct interaction with the student.

         1.3     Certain records such as standardized test results, Achievement Test results, etc., that are used in program planning, may be kept separately. However, such records shall be made available to parents/students in accordance with this policy.


2.      The Principal is responsible for ensuring that all records are accurate and up to date. This may be delegated.




Divorced/Separated Families Release of Information:


1.      Unless a court order states otherwise, a person granted access to a student has the right to make inquiries, and to be given information on the education of the student.


2.      Prior to the release of information, the Principal should indicate to the parent having custody of the student that the Principal has no right to withhold information unless a court order can be produced which restricts the right to records.


3.      If the parent having custody disputes the Principal's position, the parent should be directed to appeal in writing to the Superintendent or the courts.


4.      A student's legal name must not be changed on school records unless parents agree to the change, or legal authority is granted. The onus shall be on the custodial parent to provide this information.




When a student of legal age and/or his/her parents/guardians have reviewed the student records, and finds information to be invalid or record keeping procedures unsatisfactory, the Principal should be informed of the need for corrective action. If resolution is not reached at the school level, the parent(s)/guardian(s), student of legal age, or independent student may appeal to the Superintendent and subsequently, to the Board. If no satisfaction is received a further appeal may be made to the Minister of Education.



Reviewed:               July, 2011

Next Review by:      July, 2016


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Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation