Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 330

Student Attendance




In accordance with the School Act and its Regulations, regular school attendance is required and expected of all students attending Wild Rose School Division.  Specific provisions for regulating the attendance of student shall be developed by the schools in consultation with students, staff, and School Councils as appropriate.




"unexplained absence"  undocumented absence of a student




1.      An accurate daily electronic record of attendance shall be kept for each student by the school.


2.      Schools shall have in place a system for verifying reasons for non-attendance on a daily basis.


         2.1     For all grades, unexplained absences shall be reported to the school office


         2.2     In primary grades, attendance shall be taken following all scheduled breaks including lunch and recess. All unexplained absences during the school day shall be reported to the school office immediately after the absence becomes apparent. All reasonable efforts must be immediately made to determine the whereabouts of students reported absent.


3.      Teachers shall maintain an accurate attendance record for each student.


4.      It is strongly recommended that any student absence be explained by a note signed by a parent or guardian, and that the notes shall be retained for at least one year.


5.      Telephone calls from parents regarding student absence should be recorded and filed for at least one year.


6.      In cases of unexplained absences, suspected truancy, or excessive absences occurring, the parent or guardian shall be contacted as soon as a pattern of poor attendance becomes evident, as determined by the school’s attendance policy.


7.     Initial investigation of reasons for extended student absence from school shall be the responsibility of the Principal (or designate). An annotated log is to be kept of each contact with the home.


8.   After all possible avenues of remediation have been exhausted at the school level, subsequent absences by the same student shall result in:


         8.1     Consultation with student’s parent or guardian in order to investigate the underlying causes of the absence(s), with written notes kept on file;


         8.2     In those cases where the student is under 16 years of age and the parent or guardian refuses to cooperate, the Principal (or designate) may refer the case to the Attendance Officer filling out the “Enforcing School Attendance” form with attached details on the specifics of the case.


         8.3     The Attendance Officer shall, after completing the visit to the home, communicate in writing to the Principal with a copy to the Director of Student Services a statement of the explanation of the parent or guardian, and the date and time of the visit.


         8.4     If the student continues to be truant, the Principal or designate shall make a second referral

         to the Associate Superintendent Learning Services.  A second home visit shall be arranged.  The time duration between each visit should only be long enough to clearly show noncompliance.


         8.5     Where a resolution to the attendance problem has failed by use of the Attendance Officer’s visits, the school Principal shall refer the case to the Associate Superintendent Learning Services who shall initiate steps to have either a Court Order served by a Judge or Justice of the Peace to the student in the presence of the parent or guardian or refer the case to the Attendance Board for action, in accordance with the School Act and its Regulations.



Revised:                 October. 2012

Reviewed:               July, 2011

Next Review by:      July, 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Section 13, 14, 15, 60, 61


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




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         AP 305 School Attendance Areas

         AP 353  Students At Risk