Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 352

Supervision of Students




Wild Rose Public Schools is responsible for the supervision of students in its care and custody.  Responsibility for supervision is delegated to the Principal 




1.      Principals shall ensure the adequate supervision of students:


         1.1     While they are on school premises during school hours


         1.2     As soon as the first scheduled school bus arrives at school in the morning


         1.3     During the fifteen-minute interval following final dismissal of classes in the afternoon, an exception being as follows:


                  1.3.1  After school, supervision shall be provided for bussed students until the last bus leaves, regardless of time of departure


         1.4     At noon hour:


                  1.4.1  If students normally stay at school, or


                  1.4.2  If they are not bussed students, as long as they are on the school grounds


         1.5     When they are participating in any school-authorized activities that take place either on or off school premises, regardless of the time of day or night


2.      Although the Division is not responsible for students on their way to or going home from school by any means other than Division provided transportation, the Superintendent may, hold such students accountable for their actions en route, in so far as such actions may affect the welfare of individual students, the operation of the school, or relations with the community.


3.      At the discretion of the Principal, in severe weather students shall not be required to stay outside the school building during the intervals specified in item 1.2 and 1.3 above or during noon or recess.



Revised:                 February 7, 2005

Reviewed:               July, 2011

Next Review By:      July, 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Section 18 (1,f),20 (f) 46 (8) 60, 61


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




         AP 311 Student Safety

         AP 350 Student Behaviour and Conduct