Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 354

Suspension / Expulsion of Students




Suspension or expulsion of students should only be used after other avenues to resolve the difficulty have been explored.


Principals are encouraged to develop suspension procedures which incorporate in-school suspension alternatives.




     1. In all matters pertaining to the suspension/expulsion of students, the provisions of Section 24 of the School Act shall be rigorously followed. Principals and teachers are expected to be fully conversant with the provisions of this section before initiating action.


     2. School administrators have the authority to suspend a student from school for up to five (5) consecutive school days;


     3. In the event of a suspension, the school administrator shall immediately report it in writing to the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) and the Superintendent. The report should include the dates involved, reason(s), date of reinstatement, and advice to parents regarding alternatives they may pursue, including reference to AP#380 Appeals Concerning Student Matters


     4. If, in the opinion of the principal, an infraction is of a serious enough nature to warrant expulsion, the school administrator may initiate expulsion proceedings.


4.1  Prior to initiating expulsion proceedings the principal

4.1.1 should endeavor to meet with parents to discuss possible solutions: and,

4.1.2 must consult with district staff;


4.2  Expulsion may apply to attendance at one or more schools in the Division and involvement in any or all school related activities. The length of an expulsion is limited to the school year in which the expulsion takes place.


Communication pertaining to Suspension and/or Expulsion:


1.      Section 24 and 25 of the School Act outlines the requirement for communication with parents pertaining to suspension and/or expulsion. All provisions of Section 24 & 25 shall be rigorously followed.


2.      The following information shall be included in Student Suspension Letters


         •        Full name of student

         •        Alberta Education Student ID number

         •        Date of birth of student

         •        Date(s) of suspension (inclusive)

         •        Specific action leading up to suspension

         •        Date that student may return to school and any conditions that must be met upon return.

         •        Consequences of suspension (i.e. cannot ride school bus, exclusion from school activities, etc.)

         •        Notice that future incidents may result in recommendation for expulsion (if applicable)

         •        Notice of recommendation for expulsion (if applicable)


3.      Student suspension letters shall be sent forthwith to the parent(s) or legal guardian(s), a copy given to the student to bring home and a copy sent to the Superintendent.




Upon a decision being made to refer a student to the expulsion process:


1. The parent(s)/guardian(s) shall be provided with written notification of the referral by the school administrator advising them of this decision and containing the relevant information as noted above;


2. The school administrator shall ensure that all necessary information and documentation relevant to the student conduct in question, and which will be considered at the expulsion hearing, is forwarded to the Associate Superintendent (Central Services) in a timely manner.  In advance of the expulsion hearing, the Associate Superintendent shall make this information available to the student and/or parent(s)/guardian(s).  The information shall include:


  1. Identification of the student - birth date, address, telephone number, parents’ or guardians’ names, school and placement;


  1. Copies of relevant school records - permanent record card, attendance records, discipline records, report card marks, relevant medical records, individual education plan (if relevant);


  1. Anecdotal record of the incident that was recorded as soon as possible after the incident occurred and any associated efforts to reach a resolution.


3. The Associate Superintendent will advise the school and the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the date, time and location of the expulsion hearing.


4. The student and at least one parent/guardian should attend the expulsion hearing if at all possible, but the meeting may proceed in their absence provided that they have had reasonable notice of the meeting and chose not to attend.


5. A student who has been referred to the expulsion process but who voluntarily withdrew from enrolment in the school prior to the hearing may be required to attend a hearing prior to being readmitted to a Division school.


6. Hearing process:


  1. The Chair will outline the purpose of the hearing;
  2. The school administrator (or designate) will be provided with an opportunity to present information regarding the student misconduct that resulted in the referral;
  3. The student will be provided with an opportunity to share his/her perspective on the incident in question;
  4. Parent(s)/guardian(s) will be given the opportunity to raise issues and/or provide other relevant information;
  5. Trustees in attendance may ask questions of the student, parent(s)/guardian(s), and school administrator/designate to gain clarification or additional perspective;
  6. The student, parent(s)/guardian(s) and school administrator/designate will be asked to leave the meeting and trustees will review the material that was presented and make a decision regarding what, if any, further consequences or measures should be taken;
  7. As soon as is practical, the Associate Superintendent will advise the school administrator and parent(s)/guardian(s), by telephone, of the decision.  A letter formalizing the decision will be forwarded to both the school administrator and the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) as soon as is practicable thereafter.
  8. Parents and students 16 years of age or older, shall be advised by the Board of their right to have expulsions reviewed by the Minister of Education (Section 25).


7. Following a hearing as outlined above, rather than enforce and expulsion, the trustees may direct:


  1. That a student continue in, or return to school on the basis of his/her agreeing to adhere to specified conditions;
  2. That a student be suspended for an extended period of time or that a current suspension be extended;
  3. That the student be placed in another Division school or educational program;
  4. That certain conditions be met prior to the student being re-admitted to a division school/program;
  5. Any other measures which are appropriate or warranted.




Revised:                 January, 2015

Reviewed:               August, 2011

Next Review by:       January, 2020


 Legislative References:


         School Act Section 12, 13, 24, 25, 60, 61, 124


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




         AP 350 Student Behaviour and Conduct

         AP 352 Student Supervision

         AP 353 Students at Risk

         AP358 Bus Discipline