Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 355

Drugs, Alcohol and Controlled Substances




Every effort must be made to prevent schools from becoming a venue for the sale and use of controlled substances. School employees are therefore urged to exercise the closest vigilance in this regard.


The possession, use and trafficking of controlled substances is unlawful, and shall not be tolerated on school property, on school buses, or during school-related activities. Such substances shall include intoxicants, and controlled or restricted drugs and narcotics. The following procedures shall apply where the use of such substances is suspected or proven.




"under the influence" shall mean that a student has consumed or used a substance prohibited by this Regulation, recently enough so that it is detectable by the person's physical appearance, physical actions, breath or speech.




1.      Principals shall ensure that their schools participate in education programs to increase the students' knowledge of the facts concerning drugs, alcohol and controlled substances.


2.      Where any student is found on school property:


         2.1     Apparently under the influence of a prohibited substance, or


         2.2     In possession of a prohibited substance whether for his or her own use or for the purposes of trafficking, the Principal shall:


                  2.2.1  Immediately notify the parents or guardians (where student is under 18 years of age)


                  2.2.2  Suspend the student from school (Section 24 of the School Act) pending a complete investigation of the matter


                  2.2.3  Notify and consult with the police; and


                  2.2.4  Obtain medical help if required


3.      Any repetition of the above by the same student may be considered grounds for the Board to consider immediate expulsion from the school under Section 25 of the School Act.


4.      No student known to be under expulsion from another school or school system for drug abuse or trafficking shall be accepted in any school in the Division during the current school year.


5.      Where a student's unusual pattern of behaviour indicates the possibility of drug use, the Principal shall notify the parents of such behaviour, and attempt to enlist their assistance in determining the cause.


6.      The Principal shall report to the police the incidences of all persons suspected of trafficking in drugs on or adjacent to school property, with such details as are available.


7.      Staff members shall advise the Principals of any suspected cases of alcohol, drug abuse, or of drug trafficking on the school premises.


8.      Should a student who appears to be under the influence of any prohibited substance as defined in this administrative procedure, approach any staff member  seeking help, the student shall be dealt with in what is deemed to be that student's best interest. In all cases the safety and welfare of the student shall prevail. Such student shall be escorted from the school premises as soon as possible in the custody of a parent, guardian or other responsible adult.


9.      On any occasion where a student is found to be in possession of a prohibited or restrictive substance, the substance shall be turned in to the police. Failure to do so may render the employee guilty of an accessory charge under the law. Employees shall abide by any requirements of law enforcement personnel with regard to particulars of the incident in question.


10.     It is the responsibility of appropriate members of a school staff to acquaint parents/guardians of students appearing to have drug/alcohol related problems of the community resources available to them.



Reviewed:            July, 2011

Next Review by:   July 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Section 24, 25, 45, 60, 61


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




         AP 316 Student Health Services

         AP 321 Youth Criminal Justice Act Records

         AP 322 Threat Assessment

         AP 350 Student Behaviour and Conduct

         AP 405 Employee Alcohol, Substance Abuse or Chemical Dependency