Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 364

Commencement Requirements




Wild Rose School Division encourages the appropriate recognition of senior students in their final year of attendance at schools in the jurisdiction. Schools may, through the co-operation of staff, students, parents and community, organize and stage such activities subject to the following procedures.




1.      The decision whether or not to hold a spring, summer or fall recognition shall be that of the Principal, in consultation with staff, students and parents.


2.      Participation in ceremonies that are held after July 1, when the graduation status of students has shall be in accordance with Alberta Education requirements for a high school Diploma or Certificate of Achievement.


3.      With respect to recognition that occurs prior to July 1, a student shall be allowed to participate provided that (s)he fulfills the following requirements:


         3.1     If the student is registered in the required number of credits to qualify for a High School Diploma as outlined in the Guide to Education ECS to Grade 12


                  3.1.1  The student must have an acceptable academic standing in these credits as determined by the school


         3.2     If the student is registered in any Distance Education or similar courses, and if these courses are necessary to qualify for a High School Diploma:


                  3.2.1  The course content or major portion thereof must be completed satisfactorily in a time frame established by the school


         3.3     If the student is registered in the required number of courses to qualify for an Alberta Education Integrated Occupation Program Certificate (IOP)


         3.4     If the student is registered in or has completed an educational program approved by the Principal


         3.5     If the student has completed all school-based requirements as communicated to the students at the beginning of each high school year


         3.6     If all outstanding fees or other debts are discharged in full


4.      Students not fulfilling these requirements shall not be permitted to participate in the formal aspects of the Commencement Ceremonies


Reviewed:            August, 2011

Next Review by:   August, 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Section 60, 61

         Guide to Education ECS to Grade 12


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




         AP 362 Assessment and Reporting of Student Achievement;