Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 407

Employee Computer Purchase Plan




The Computer Purchase Plan has been developed to encourage all regular Divisional staff to acquire personal computers and improve computer literacy skills.




“regular employees” shall mean any employee on a permanent part- or full-time contract with the Division




1.      The Computer Purchase Plan (“the Plan”) shall be made available to all regular employees of the Division. Temporary, probationary, and casual employees and contractors are not eligible to participate in the Plan, unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent.


2.      The Plan may be used by employees to finance the purchase of approved computer equipment and upgrades, peripherals and software to a maximum of $3,500 at any one time. Costs related to the purchase, including GST, shipping and handling, set up and installation may be included in this amount.


3.      Employees may be participate in no more than one Plan agreement at any one time.


4.      For the purpose of the Plan, approved purchases shall include a qualifying central processing unit (CPU). Computer equipment shall meet minimum technical specifications to be determined by the Technology Services Consultant. It is the responsibility of the Employee to ensure that proposed purchases meet the Plan specifications.


5.      Funds shall be repaid to the Division by way of automatic monthly payroll deduction over a period of not more than 24 months. The minimum monthly payment shall be $50. Once set up, employees can pay out the outstanding balance at any time and payout will be required in cases of termination, as outlined below.


6.      Any taxable benefit that may arise as a result of the Plan shall be the sole responsibility of the employee.


7.      In the event the employee’s employment with the Division is terminated prior to full repayment of the amount owing under the Plan, any amount owing shall become due and payable immediately. As a condition of agreement in the Plan, the employee shall agree in writing that the outstanding balance may be deducted from the final gross pay and/or vacation pay due on termination.


8.      Wild Rose School Division shall not be responsible for any disputes and/or warranty issues related to a purchase made under the Plan, and will not act as a mediator for the purchaser.


9.      No Plan approvals will be made if any existing garnishee is in place at time of application and if a garnishee is issued after the Plan is in place, the outstanding balance may be requested immediately.




Method 1 – Payment Direct to Vendor


1.      The employee shall obtain a written quotation from the vendor substantiating that the equipment to be purchased meets the requirements under the Plan. The written quotation and Application for Employee Computer Purchase Plan shall be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer for approval. A copy of the Application for Employee Computer Purchase Plan is available in the Forms Manual.


2.      The Secretary-Treasurer shall confirm the applicant’s employment status and whether any monies are outstanding under the Plan.


3.      Upon approval, a cheque made payable to the vendor of the equipment shall be issued.


4.      A copy of a receipt or bill of sale documenting the equipment purchased shall be provided to the Secretary-Treasurer within one week of delivery of the equipment to the employee.


Method 2 – Payment Direct to Employee


1.      Under this method, it is the employee’s responsibility first to ensure equipment purchased meets the standards of the plan.


2.      The employee shall submit an Application for Employee Computer Purchase Plan and a receipt or bill of sale documenting the equipment purchased.


3.      The Secretary-Treasurer shall confirm the applicant’s employment status and whether any monies are outstanding under the Plan.


4.      Upon approval, a cheque made payable to the employee shall be issued.




1.      Secretary Treasurer will forward the payment schedule to the Payroll Department for processing.


2.      Monthly payment schedule and a taxable benefit calculation shall be forwarded to the employee.


3.      An acknowledgement that the Plan is fully paid shall be issued upon final payment.


Reviewed:            July, 2011

Next Review by:   July, 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Section 60, 61


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




         AP 407 Schedule “A”

         AP 407 Agreement (Forms Manual)