Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 410

Recruitment, Appointment and Contract Status of Teacher Certificated Staff




Staff selection is one of the most important administrative tasks undertaken in Wild Rose School Division. Well qualified staff are essential for the efficient organization and operation of all aspects of a school system. It is, therefore, the general practice of Wild Rose Public Schools to choose the best qualified personnel available for vacancies in its system.


Fair and objective procedures shall be used for the selection of all staff. It is an underlying principle of this procedure that all staff are employees of the Division.


The primary criterion for all certificated staff selection shall be according to the "best applicant for the position".


Guidelines for Stakeholder Membership on Interview Panels


The Division values the multiple perspectives offered by our partners in education. Interview panels should (whenever possible) have representation of each of our educational partners who have interest and concern in the following appointments:


Teacher Interviews:


  • School Administration
  • Teacher Representative, and
  • School Council Representative (optional)


Vice-Principal Interviews:


  • Local Trustee(s)
  • Superintendent and/or Associate Superintendent
  • Education Team (E-Team) Member
  • Administration Representative
  • School Council Representatives


Principal Interviews:


  • Chair and local Trustee
  • Superintendent and/or Associate Superintendents
  • Staff Representatives
  • School Council Representatives


Education Centre Interviews:


  • All Trustees
  • Superintendent
  • Associate Superintendents
  • Administrator Representatives


Interview panels for Student Services positions should also include the Director of Student Support Services/School Completion.


Staff Representative may include teacher certificated and non-certificated staff.




  1. All teachers hired by the Wild Rose School Division shall be hired as employees of the Division, assigned initially to a specific position/school.


  1. A need to hire teacher certificated staff (due to medical absence, leave of absence, retirement, increased enrollment, etc.) is determined at the school level.  The Principal discusses his/her staffing needs with the Associate Superintendent – Central Services to determine the following details:


2.1        the type and length of contract, as well as the FTE required.


2.2.       if the hiring is required because of a medical absence, original documentation from a doctor is necessary before advertising can commence. Medical documentation is required indicating an absence of 20 teaching days or more.


  1. The Principal (or designate) competes the Teacher Advertising Request Form and forwards to the Associate Superintendent-Central Services for approval.


  1. The Human Resources Department prepares and distributes the posting.


4.1        Postings are faxed to all schools and posted on the Wild Rose website for a minimum of three teaching days, unless it falls during a vacation period in which case it will be posted on the website for the three day minimum period.


4.2        If “Internal” is indicated on the form, the posting will state: “open to current employees only, including Substitute Teachers”.


4.3        Employment Opportunities are listed in the two local weekly newspapers directing applicants to go to the Wild Rose website for details.


4.4        Requests to advertise in any other locations or media require the pre-approval of Associated Superintendent-Central Services.  All costs are paid by the Education Centre.


4.5        In the posting, applicants will be advised to apply through the Wild Rose website or send application directly to the Associate Superintendent-Central Services.


  1. The Associate Superintendent-Central Services receives all applications and determines a shortlist of qualified applicants.


  1. The shortlist is forwarded to the Principal.  The Principal review the shortlist and selects candidates for interviews.


  1. All other things being equal in the selection process, consideration should be given to:


7.1        current teachers requesting a transfer to the available position from other schools within the system; and


7.2        current teachers (not on a full-time continuing contract) seeking full-time employment.


  1. After interviews, the Principal in consultation with the interview panel, selects the successful candidate and offers the position.  Unsuccessful candidates shall be notified by the Principal.


  1. The Principal submits the resume of the successful candidate, a Summary of Hiring form, and the Contract Status Recommendation form to the Human Resources Department.





  1. The Human Resources Department shall prepare a letter of offer and two copies of the appropriate contract to be sent to the successful teacher.  The teacher is required to return one signed contract to the Human Resources Department within fourteen days.  The letter of offer will include a list of information and documentation required and deadlines for submission.


  1. All forms associated with this Administrative Procedure are in the Forms Manual.


Revised:              October, 2012

Reviewed:            October, 2012           

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Appendix A


Procedures for Determining Contract Status


1.   For the following types of contracts it is not necessary to go through the hiring process or complete the hiring summary form, however, it is necessary to complete the Contract Status Recommendation Form:

      1.1    an extension to an Interim contract


      1.2    an extension to a Probationary contract


      1.3    the issuance of a new Temporary contract allowing the replacement teacher to continue the same assignment in a subsequent school year.


2.   If the position being filled by a teacher on a Temporary contract becomes permanently available, that position shall be re-advertised and the hiring process completed.  If the teacher holding the Temporary contract is re-hired, a Probationary or Continuing contract may be offered.

3.   An Interim contract shall not be followed in a subsequent school year by a Probationary contract.  A Continuing contract may be offered provided that the teacher has been on an Interim contract for a minimum of one (1) full semester and an evaluation of the teacher has been completed.  The teacher evaluation must accompany the Contract Status recommendation Form. 

      If the teacher has been on an Interim contract for less than one full semester, the interim contract may be extended for a maximum of one full school year provided that the 360 teaching day maximum is not exceeded.

      During the year of extension of the interim contract a teacher evaluation shall be conducted if a recommendation for a Continuing contract is submitted to the Associate Superintendent-Central Services (using the Contract Status Recommendation Form).  Otherwise the contract expires.

4.   Upon written request to the Associate Superintendent-Central Services, and with the agreement of the Principal, a Teacher with a Continuing Full-time contract can be assigned part-time duties for a maximum of two school years.  By the end of this period the teacher must either return to full-time duties or resign the Full-Time teaching contract and accept a Continuing Part-time contract.

5.   All teachers on a Part-time contract shall have their FTE (Full Time Equivalent) assigned annually by the Principal using the FTE Calculation for Part-Time Teachers Form.  This assignment can vary from 0.10 FTE to 1.00 FTE at the discretion of the Principal.   An assignment of 1.00 FTE for a teacher who holds a Part-Time contract does not require the form but shall require a memo from the Principal to the Associate Superintendent-Central Services.  The FTE Calculation for Part-Time Teachers form is issued by the Human Resources Department and modified each year to reflect the school calendar.


6.   A change of status from Continuing Part-Time to Continuing Full-Time or Continuing Full-Time to Continuing Part-Time will occur on the recommendation of the Principal and the approval of the Associate Superintendent-Central Services.  One contract must be resigned in order to accept a new one.


7.   All requests for changes in employment status (increases or reductions of FTE, etc.) must be in consultation with the Associate Superintendent-Central Services and submitted in writing by the Principal using the Contract Status Recommendation Form.  Following approval by the Associate Superintendent-Central Services, changes to the FTE shall be implemented at the beginning of the next month.


8.   Teacher Evaluations shall be required for the conversion of contracts from:

8.1        Probationary to Continuing

8.2        Interim to Continuing

8.3        First Year Probationary to Second Year Probationary

8.4        Temporary to Continuing




































Appendix B


Definitions of Teaching Contracts


1.   Interim Contract

  • issued for major program changes/additions or a significant change in student numbers occurring after the commencement of the school year.
  • may be extended over a number of school years to a maximum of 360 teaching days.


2.   Temporary Contract

  • issued when a replacement is required for a teacher who will be away for an extended period of time (minimum of 20 teaching days)
  • ends June 30th of the current school year or upon return of the teacher on leave, whichever occurs first.


3.   Probationary Contract

  • Must be for a full school year and shall terminate on June 30th.
  • An evaluation of the teacher must be completed
  • May be extended for a second school year by mutual agreement of the teacher and principal.  An extension request must be accompanied by an evaluation of the teacher indicating that a further probationary period is required.  It is not necessary to go through a hiring process to extend a Probationary contract.  (Contract Status Recommendation form is used.)


4.   Continuing Contract

  • A contract of employment between a Board and a teacher that continues in force from year to year


Note:  All contracts may be Full-Time or Part-Time.


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