Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 411

Teacher Personnel Records




Wild Rose School Division maintains a personnel file pertaining to each teacher which contains some or all of the following items:


  • Pre-employment materials, including correspondence associated with the application, curriculum vitae, transcripts, letter of reference and placement documents


  • Copies of letters relating to Division action respecting the teacher, including initial appointment, sabbatical leaves, leaves of absence, administrative appointments, etc.


  • Evaluations


  • Copies of letters from the Principals or any outside agency with respect to the employee


  • Correspondence between the employee and administrative officers; and/or


  • Materials respecting professional development and achievement


  • Letters of reference


Such records are confidential and are subject to the following procedures:




1.      Upon request to the Superintendent, the employee, or his/her authorized representative, shall have the right to examine the contents of his/her personnel file, except for confidential letters of reference. Such examination shall be in the presence of the Superintendent, or designate.


2.      The employee shall not be allowed to remove the personal file or any part thereof, from the office.


3.      The employee may request copies of any of the documents to which he/she has the right to examination, at no charge.


4.      Confidential letters of reference received in relation to the appointment of an employee shall remain confidential, and shall not be shown to the candidate before or after the appointment.


5.      An employee shall have the right to obtain the names of the authors of all confidential letters or assessments held in his/her personnel file.


6.      The personnel file shall not contain anonymous items.


7.      The employee shall have the right to have included in his/her personnel file his/her written comments on the accuracy of the meaning of any of its contents, and to add relevant documents to the file.


8.      Information contained in a personnel file shall not be made available to parties external to Wild Rose School Division except as authorized in writing by the employee or as required by law. The employee shall be notified in writing when information is made available under this provision.


9.      The superintendent or designate may present an oral or written summary or relevant information to prospective employers for reference purposes.


10.     Personnel files shall be edited five years after the teacher leaves the employ of the the Division . Only a record of dates, place of employment, and financial records shall be kept beyond that time.


11.     Where Principals maintain files on the teachers under their supervision, these files are considered to be transitory in nature with all summative reports filed in the personnel files.


12.     The Superintendent may have access to any transitory files maintained by the Principal.


         These transitory files are subject to all the foregoing regulations and shall remain the property of Wild Rose Public Schools.


13.     All transitory files must be destroyed at the end of the school year after the teacher leaves the employee of the Division unless they form part of the permanent personnel file.


14.     The payroll department shall maintain separate confidential records pertaining to all financial aspects of an employee's status with the Division..



Reviewed:            July, 2011

Next Review:        July, 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Section 60, 61

         ATA Collective Agreement


         Alberta Labour Act


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation