Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 412





Teachers, in co-operation with the Superintendent and administrative staff, shall perform their duties as set out in the School Act, Alberta Education Regulations, and Board policies, guidelines and Administrative Procedures issued from time to time by Wild Rose School Division or it’s representatives.


The Division views teaching duties as those professional tasks performed by teachers in the course of their activities concerned with the instruction of students. The giving consideration for the welfare of students and the maintenance of a positive educational climate in the school community are also considered to be an integral part of the teacher's role.


Teachers are expected to use professional judgment in determining appropriate educational activities to ensure that students have the opportunity to obtain the best educational growth of which they are capable.




1.      Teachers shall be responsible for being familiar with and uphold legislation, and all policies, regulations and procedures of Alberta Education, the School Board, the Superintendent, and the Principal that pertain to duties of teachers.


2.      According to the School Act, a teacher’s duties include the following:


         A teacher while providing instruction or supervision must:


         2.1     Provide instruction competently to students


         2.2     Teach the courses of study and education programs that are prescribed, approved or authorized pursuant to this Act


         2.3     Promote goals and standards applicable to the provision of education adopted or approved pursuant to this Act


         2.4     Encourage and foster learning in students


         2.5     Regularly evaluate students and periodically report the results of the evaluation to the students, the students’ parents and the board


         2.6     Maintain, under the direction of the Principal, order and discipline among the students while they are in the school or on the school grounds and while they are attending or participating in activities sponsored or approved by the board


         2.7     Subject to any applicable collective agreement and the teacher’s contract of employment, carry out those duties that are assigned to the teacher by the Principal or the Board.


         2.8     Other requirements as determined by the School Act and any other relevant legislation.


3.      In addition to the above, the following pertains to teachers employed by Wild Rose Public Schools:


         3.1     Presence in School


                  3.1.1  Teachers shall arrive at school and remain at school as determined by the school Principal.


                  3.1.2  Teachers shall not leave students in their charge unsupervised unless provision is made with another responsible person to supervise in her/his absence.


                  3.1.3  Teachers shall notify the Principal or vice-principal as early as possible if they will not be present at school on that day.


         3.2     Curriculum and Planning


                  3.2.1  Teachers shall submit to the Principal, course outlines for subjects or courses which they are assigned to teach, prior to commencement of classes.


                  3.2.2  Teachers shall maintain unit plans which will be available to the administration. Unit plans shall reflect the current curriculum and the specific needs of the students. The Principal may require teachers to submit unit plans to the office.


                  3.2.3  Teachers shall submit properly completed forms, and return equipment, media, or any other property of the Division when required to do so by the Principal, Division Education Centre, or Alberta Education.


                  3.2.4  Teachers shall keep daily instructional plans that are prepared prior to commencement of the first class of the day.


                  3.2.5  Teachers shall provide detailed plans for substitute teachers.


         3.3     Extra-curricular Activities and Educational Tours


                  3.3.1  The Division accepts that participation by a teacher in school-related extra-curricular activities is voluntary.


                  3.3.2  Teachers are encouraged to expand the educational opportunities for students through activities which will enhance the learning process.


                  3.3.3  Teachers may make arrangements with the Principal for such activities in accordance with Administrative Procedure 260 – Field Trips and Administrative Procedure 261 - Educational Tours and Travel Abroad.


                  3.3.4  Teacher(s) coordinating out-of-school activities shall be in charge of supervision, and may organize supplementary supervision of students where necessary.


         3.4     Student Attendance, Evaluation, and Promotion


         Teachers shall:


                  3.4.1  Assist in maintaining accurate records, including attendance and student marks.


                  3.4.2  Report to parents or guardians each student's progress as outlined in Administrative Procedure 362 – Reporting Student Progress.


                  3.4.3  Ensure that promotion and retention shall be conducted within the guidelines set out in Administrative Procedure 363 – Promotion and Retention of Students.


         3.5     Accidents to Students


                  3.5.1  Teachers shall report to the Principal or designate accidents incurred by students, in accordance with Administrative Procedure 314 - Accidents to Students.


         3.6     Student Discipline


                  3.6.1  Teachers shall practice consistent, fair and enforceable discipline.


                  3.6.2  Teachers shall bring to the attention of the Principal or vice-principal any student whose behaviour warrants his or her removal from the classroom.


         3.7     School and Classroom Responsibilities


                  Teachers shall:


                  3.7.1  Promote interest in preservation, cleanliness, and tidiness of the school, school property, and grounds


                  3.7.2  Promote wise usage and care of school materials and equipment


                  3.7.3  Maintain the classroom in a manner that provides a good educational environment


                  3.7.4  Report any unsafe conditions or vandalism.


                  3.7.5  Report to the Principal or vice-principal any repairs or maintenance observed to be necessary


                  3.7.6  Attend all meetings relating to the operation of the school called by the Principal, unless excused from doing so.


                  3.7.7  Assist with the supervision of students in the school, on the playground, and other school activities.


                  3.7.8  Collaborate with teachers' aides, school secretaries, bus drivers, Division Education Centre administration, and parent volunteers in the provision of services for students.


                  3.7.9  Accept the assistance of parent volunteers to the extent that they provide a service which, in the teacher’s professional judgment, is in the best interest of the students in the school.


         3.8.    Perform any additional instructional tasks assigned by the Principal.



Reviewed:            January 2012

Next Review By:   January 2017


Legislative References:


         School Act Section 18, 60, 61, 92


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




         AP 260A Field Trips

         AP 260B Educational Tours and Travel Abroad

         AP 314 Accidents to Students

         AP 362 Reporting Student Progress

         AP 363 Promotion and Retention of Students