Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 414

Certificated Staff Exchanges




The experience of teaching in another school, jurisdiction, province, or country on a certificated staff exchange program provides unique cultural, social and educational opportunities. Wild Rose School Division encourages exchange programs, subject to the following.





"exchange":  a reciprocal agreement between another school authority and the Division to trade the services of a teacher another school authority for the services of a Division teacher.


"unilateral secondment" : an "exchange agreement with another school authority in which a teacher is either sent from the Division to work in the other school authority or sent from the other school authority to teach in the Division.  The receiving school authority reimburses the sending authority for the wages and benefits of the teacher involved.




1.      Applications for exchange teaching positions shall be made through the Superintendent or his/her designate, as far in advance as possible, with prior approval of the Principal.


2.      The Superintendent or designate may give approval to participate in exchange teaching programs as long as they do not impose a financial and/or organizational burden on the Division or its schools.


3.      "Leave of Absence" granted for exchange teaching purposes shall be from the staff of Wild Rose Public Schools and not from a specific position.  Every effort will be made to return the staff member to a position comparable to the one she/he vacated.


4.      Each exchange teacher assigned to Wild Rose schools may be granted up to five days per full school year to visit other schools, attend orientation, debriefing sessions, upon the approval of the school Principal.  Where such approval is granted, substitute costs when required will be paid from the school's budget.


Reviewed:               August, 2011

Next Review by:      August, 2016



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