Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 415

Criteria for Teaching Experience Assessment




For salary purposes, the Board will, subject to the provisions of the Collective Agreement, particularly but not limited to Articles 7.1 and 7.3 thereof, recognize previous teaching experience gained while teaching the government approved program of studies for Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K to12) upon receipt of satisfactory documentation.




Experience shall be recognized in accordance with the provisions made in the Collective Agreement, provided that the teacher's status meets the following criteria:


1.      In all cases, recognition of experience shall be subject to the teacher's certification status at the time the experience was being claimed issued by the government of the jurisdiction in question permitting the teacher to teach the governmentally approved curriculum for a K to12.  Leaves of absence without salary and vacation periods will be excluded


2.      Teaching experience with the Alberta Distance Learning Centre


3.      Teaching experience in other provincially-accredited Canadian schools which use the authorized Program of Studies for K to 12


4.      Teaching experience gained in a jurisdiction outside Canada gained by teaching in a state or national school in the jurisdiction in question which is accredited by the government of the jurisdiction in question to provide instruction for K to 12


For salary purposes, the Division will not recognize the following teaching experience:


1.      Teaching English as a Second Language in foreign countries shall be granted by the Board


2.      Experience involving tutoring, home schooling, community recreation activities, religious programs, or instruction not using the government authorized Program of Studies for K to 12 shall be granted


3.      Substitute teaching except as provided in Article 7.3 of the Collective Agreement


The Division has a form that will be provided for use in obtaining verification of teaching experience. No other forms will be accepted unless pre-approved by the Superintendent of Schools or designate and all information required by the Board is provided in sufficient detail as the Superintendent or designate may require.


Created:                  September 1, 2005

Revised:                 December 1, 2005

Reviewed:               August , 2011

Next Review By:      August, 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Sections 60, 61


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




         Collective Agreement with the Alberta Teachers’ Association