Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 418

Substitute Teachers




In order to provide a continuous, well-directed educational program for students, the Division approves the hiring of the best-available substitute teachers in the absence of the regular classroom teacher. The following procedures govern the employment and conduct of substitute teachers.




"Substitute Teacher List"  :  a list of teachers available for employment as a substitute teacher.


"Central Office":  the corporate offices of the Division


"regular teachers"  refers to teachers are included in  the full-time-equivalent staff assigned to a school


"firm control" refers to classroom management practices that are recognized as appropriate within a school's code of conduct.





1.      Only those individuals on the Substitute Teacher List will be available for deployment as a Substitute Teacher within Wild Rose School Division. Deployment of substitute teachers within a particular school is the responsibility of the Principal or his/her designate.


2.      Substitute teachers shall be paid in accordance with the collective agreement between the ATA and the Division.


3.      Each year the Division will prepare and send to the Principals a list of all teachers available for employment as substitute teacher,. This list  will be updated periodically.


4.      Substitute teachers shall be familiar with the curriculum for the various grade levels for which they seek employment.


5.      Substitute teachers are expected to fit into the organization of the school when they arrive and to continue the work and activities which they find in progress. This may include the marking of examinations, the issuing of report cards and the preparation of monthly and annual reports.


6.      Teachers employed as substitute teachers must conform as closely as possible to the established routine of the school and perform such extra duties as  are normally assigned to  the absent teacher.


7.      Although the disciplinary problems faced by substitutes may be more difficult than those encountered by regular teachers, it is expected that substitute teachers will exercise firm control.


8.      Substitute teachers are expected to adhere to the same standards of professional conduct as regular teachers including conforming to the Code of Ethics of the Alberta Teachers' Association.


9.      Substitute teachers are required to complete a Substitute Teacher Timesheet providing detailed particulars of the period of substitution. The Principal shall forward all signed Substitute Teacher Timesheets to the Divisional Office at the end of each month.


10.     Prior to being placed on the Substitute Teacher List, all appropriate forms and supporting credentials as outlined in the Forms Manual must be submitted to Division Office.


11.     Files on all substitute teachers shall be maintained by the Division Office.


12.     Substitute teachers shall file copies of credentials including a current Teacher Qualifications Service (TQS) credential, in the same manner as regular teachers.



Reviewed:               August, 2011

Next Review by:      August 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Sections 60, 61


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




         Alberta Teachers' Association collective agreement