Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 419

FTE Assignment of Teacher Certificated Staff




In order to provide a continuous, well-directed educational program for students, the Division approves the hiring of the best-available substitute teachers in the absence of the regular classroom teacher. The following procedures govern the employment and conduct of substitute teachers.






Full Time Equivalent (FTE):  The amount of contract time assigned to an employee expressed as a fraction of a full working day 


All teacher certificated staff shall have an FTE (Full Time Equivalent) assigned for each school year, subject to the following procedures:




1.      Principals shall determine their staffing requirements each school year.


2.     Teacher Certificated staff who have a Part-time Continuing contract will be assigned an FTE each school year. This will be calculated through the use of the “FTE Calculation for Part-time Teachers” form.


         a.      Part-time teachers working full time will not require the FTE Calculation for Part-time Teachers form.


         b.      The FTE Calculation for Part-time Teachers forms are only used if the Teacher Certificated Staff is employed for a complete school year.


3.     The FTE Calculation for Part-time Teachers forms are amended annually by Division Office according to the approved school calendar(s). These forms are distributed by the Human Resources Department to all school each June.  Principals complete a form for each applicable teacher, both the principal and the teacher sign the form and the signed form is returned to the Human Resources department.


4.     An FTE assignment letter will be issued to each applicable staff member based on the FTE submitted on the FTE Calculation for Part-time Teachers form.


5.      Changes to FTE’s during a school year will be implemented on the first teaching day of a month following the submission of a “Contract Status Recommendation” form (available in the Forms Manual).


6.      Changes to FTE’s will only be considered for an increase or decrease in FTE of 0.10 or greater.



Revised:                 December 1, 2005

Reviewed:               August, 2011

Next Review By:      August 2016


Legislative References:


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Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




         AP410 Recruitment, Appointment, and Contract Status of Teacher Certificated Staff