Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 420

Temporary Administrative Arrangements




In the absence of the Principal from a school where there is no vice-principal, or in the absence of both the Principal and the vice-principal(s) from a school, a teacher shall be designated to be Acting Principal during the time the school administrator(s) is/ are absent. The Acting Principal shall have the full authority of the Principal shall take any  administrative action which may be required to resolve emergent situations during the absence period.




1.      The Principal shall, prior to September 30th of each year, recommend to  the Superintendent in writing the names of the teacher(s) who shall normally be designated as Acting Principal for the school year. The Principal may change this designation at any time during the school year, providing the Superintendent is notified.


2.      The designation shall be approved by the Superintendent.


3.      The Principal shall notify the school staff of the designation.


4.      All terms, conditions and payment for the above shall be in accordance with the Collective Agreement.



Reviewed:            August, 2011

Next Review By:   August, 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Sections 60, 61, 95


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation