Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 431

Non-Teaching Staff Health Benefit Plans




All eligible non-certificated staff shall participate in the Alberta School Employee Benefit Life, Extended Disability, Extended Health Care and Dental Care Plans and the Alberta Health Care Plan based on the criteria outlined below:


Eligibility Guidelines:


1.      Employees are eligible for coverage if their position is at least a .500 FTE (full-time equivalent).


2.      Employees are not eligible for coverage if they are casual staff.


3.      Divisional bus drivers are eligible for Alberta Health Care coverage only.


Opting Out Privileges:


1.      Employees may waive Alberta Health Care, extended health and dental benefits if they have spousal coverage.



Reviewed:               September, 2011

Next Review By:      September, 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Sections 60, 61


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




         AP 430 Initial Grid Placement for Non-Teaching Staff