Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 433

Support Staff Supervision and Evaluation




Wild Rose School Division believes that the on-going evaluation of support staff is an important aspect of the employee's professional growth. The following guidelines and procedures are established to assist with such evaluation in the Division.




support staff:  shall mean employees hired for roles and responsibilities that  are not defined as "teaching" in the school Act.


Purposes of Evaluation:


The following are some of, but not necessarily all of the purposes of support staff evaluation:


1.      To give the employee information about  his/her job performance. to acknowledge excellence and to encourage growth and improvement.


2.      To foster a close working relationship between employee and supervisor.


3.      To continually strive for improvement within the school/system.


4.      To provide some assurance that the employee is appropriately placed, consistent with his/her training and/or experience.


5.      To identify and develop strengths, and to provide assistance in areas of weakness.


6.      To assist in determining an employee's future employment status.




1.      The employee's supervisor is responsible for the evaluation.


2.      The employee's supervisor shall ensure that appropriate key responsibility areas and standards of performance have been conveyed to each employee at the commencement of employment or the implementation of this policy.


3.      Where possible, the employee shall be observed during involvement in key responsibility areas.


4.      The employee will be given a copy of the completed Support Staff Evaluation Form to review prior to actually discussing the form with the appraiser.


5.      The employee's supervisor shall arrange for a meeting with the employee for a discussion of the completed form.


6.      The employee and supervisor shall sign the form and forward it to the Division Office, where it will be placed in the employee’s personnel file. The employee and supervisor shall each retain a copy.


7.      An employee who disagrees with an evaluation by the supervisor may appeal in writing to the appropriate administrator at the school or Division level. This written appeal must be received by the administrator within two weeks of receiving the evaluation report and shall outline specific concerns.


8.      Within two weeks of receiving the appeal, the appropriate administrator will establish a procedure for reviewing the appeal to include:


         8.1     Reviewing the employee file;


         8.2     Convening a meeting with the appropriate employee and administrator;


         8.3     Conducting and/or arranging for an additional evaluation;


         8.4     Providing a final report on the appeal outcome; and


         8.5     Clarifying further appeal opportunities for the employee.


9.      Support staff shall be evaluated at least once:


         9.1     During the probationary period;


         9.2     During the first year of permanent status;


         9.3     During the first year after a substantial change to the duties and responsibilities of the position; and


         9.4     At least once every three years thereafter.


10.     All evaluation reports shall be destroyed two years after the employee leaves the employ of the Division.


11.     An employee may request an evaluation of himself/herself at any time.


12.     The Superintendent reserves the right to request an evaluation of any employee at any time.



Reviewed:            August, 2011

Next Review by:   August 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Sections 60, 61


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




         Support Staff Evaluation Form (Forms Manual)

         AP 433.1 Teaching Assistants Supervision and Evaluation