Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 440





Recognizing that partnerships are an important part of the educational process, Wild Rose School Division encourages the involvement of volunteers in its schools and related programs.


The following procedures shall apply to the involvement of volunteers.




1.      Schools are required to develop their own procedures outlining ways in which volunteers can become actively involved in the school.


2.      The Principal must approve all uses of volunteers in school activities.


3.      The use of volunteers must have a specified purpose. Volunteers normally perform one or both of the following roles.


         3.1     Resource Volunteers – persons who have a relevant area of expertise and/or experience and who are involved on a short-term basis to enhance the educational program. Their visits are planned, supervised and evaluated by a certificated teacher.


         3.2     Support Service Volunteers – persons who directly or indirectly assist teachers in achieving educational objectives by providing non-educational services. e.g. supervision of field trips, driving, coaching, chaperones, etc.


4.      Care should be exercised in assigning responsibilities to ensure there is no breach of the professional Code of Ethics, or that volunteers are in any way acting as replacements for paid employees.


5.      No volunteer will be assigned to a teacher without the teacher's consent.


6.      Volunteers are bound by the same code of confidentiality expected of all employees of the Division. It is inappropriate to discuss students collectively or individually outside the school as a result of information gained as a volunteer.


         6.1     It is not acceptable to discuss students, staff, data or school related issues or information.


         6.2     In the event of inappropriate actions by a volunteer, volunteer status will be revoked by the principal.


7.      To the extent provided by the Board’s insurance, volunteers shall be considered agents of the Board while engaged in their volunteer tasks. They will be required to submit a satisfactory and recent (within 6 months) Criminal Record Check (including Vulnerable Sector Query) and Intervention Record Check prior to any school related activities.  All checks must be originals or verified copies of the original.


8.      A Criminal Record Check and an Intervention Record Check is required of all parent/guardian volunteers prior to volunteering in any Wild Rose School Division schools.  When a child changes schools within WRSD the Criminal Record Check and the Intervention Record Check may be picked up by the parent/guardian from the first school and delivered to the new school.


9.      Non-parent volunteers shall be required to submit a Criminal Record Check and an Intervention Record check when they first volunteer at the school and/or when there has been a break in volunteer service for one school year.


10.     A copy of the Criminal Record Check and Intervention Record check must be kept on file at the school for each volunteer (parent and non-parent).


11.     Each school must maintain an “annual” approved volunteer list.  In the event that a volunteer may be transporting students, it is the Principal’s responsibility to:


         11.1   Obtain a driver’s abstract; and


         11.2   Obtain proof of $1,000,000 liability insurance coverage.


12.     Principals have the right to refuse volunteer’s services.



Revised:                 July 6, 2007

Reviewed,               April, 2012

Next Review By:      August, 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Sections 27, 60, 61


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




         AP 300 Student Registration