Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 480

Associate Superintendent - Central Services




Guided by the Division’s mission, vision, mandate, beliefs and values the Associate Superintendent – Central Services will assist the Superintendent in fulfilling aspects of the role description for the Superintendent as defined in the School Act and Board Policy.





The Associate Superintendent-Central Services position reports to the Superintendent and has specific responsibilities for ensuring:


  1. Educational Leadership


1.1         Annual analysis of student success is conducted as per the provincial accountability pillar and school principals develop appropriate action plans to address areas of need.


1.2         Division-wide trends and issues relative to student achievement are identified, and recommendations for improving measureable student achievement are reported to the Superintendent by October 31st .


1.3         Measureable improved student achievement over time is tracked in relation to the provincial accountability pillar.


1.4         The Division meets Alberta Education’s expectations re AERR format process and content.


1.5         All timelines are met with provision for appropriate Board input relative to the AERR.


1.6         The Division’s academic results are published.


1.7         “Key results” identified by the Board in the 3 Year Plan are achieved.


1.8         Short and long range plans are developed to meet the needs of the Division and to provide for continuous improvement.


1.9         Field Trip requests adhere to AP 260 and are appropriately processed.






  1. Human Resource Leadership


2.1         Human Resource Planning


2.1.1     Annually send out and receive teacher intent forms.


2.1.2     Annually hold meetings with school principals to discuss teacher intent requests, contractual obligations and school priorities and programs.


2.1.3     Make staffing placements in collaboration with Principals and Associate Superintendent.


2.2          Recruitment and Selection of Staff


2.2.1       Determine and approve all certificated staff vacancies.


2.2.2       Advertise, receive applications, conduct reference checks, short list, and develop behavioral interviewing and selection processes for certificated staff positions.


2.2.3       Develop and implement recruitment plans.


2.3          Reporting


2.3.1       A division-wide school organization report re certificated staff utilization and deployment is developed.


2.4          Orientation, Supervision, and Evaluation of Certificated Staff


2.4.1       Develop and implement division-wide orientation processes and activities.


2.4.2       Provide assistance in the development of school-based orientation processes.


2.4.3       Assist school administration in the supervision and evaluation of certificated staff.


2.4.4       Ensure necessary teacher and administration evaluations are completed.


2.4.5       Assist school administration in the development of plans of remediation for certificated staff.


2.4.6       Foster high standards of instruction and professional improvement re certificated staff.


2.4.7       Human Resources and personnel issues related to certificated staff in all schools are addressed.


2.4.8       Supervision, direction and evaluation of Central Services staff.


2.5          Collective Agreement Administration


2.5.1       Work with Associate Superintendent Corporate Services to administer the collective agreement for certificated staff including administration of leaves, secondments, and exchanges.


2.5.2       Resolve contractual, professional, and other Human Resources issues.




2.6          Contract Administration


2.6.1       In consultation with legal council and the Associate Superintendent Corporate Services develop and review the templates for all certificated staff contracts.


2.6.2       Determine type of contract to be offered to certificated staff.


  1. Communication Services


3.1        Annual Planning and Reporting


3.1.1     Review, develop/revise and implement yearly Communication’s Plan.


            3.1.2     Prepare annual report to Superintendent on Communications.


3.2          Facilitate two way communication between the school system and the community by:


3.2.1     Providing information to the community from the system regarding priorities, plans and programs.


3.2.2     Bringing information from the community to the system about trends, opportunities and challenges to enhance system planning and decision making.


            3.2.3     Organize community forums.


            3.2.4     As needed, create and disseminate staff and parent surveys.


3.3        Implement Board related communications initiatives.


3.4        Maintain district website and assist with school based websites.


3.5        Organize and facilitate division staff recognition events and division recognized special days and weeks.


3.6        Ensure the corporate identity standard at the division and school level.



3.7        Provide for press coverage of special events, professional development activities and school activities.


3.8        Increase public awareness of and support for the school system’s priorities, plans and programs.


3.9        Coordinate and release of press and staff communications.



3.10      Prepare and produce system communication publications (brochures, annual reports, parent handbook).


  1. Technology Services


4.1        Strategic Planning


4.1.1     Annually develop, implement, review and report on Division Technology Plan.


4.2        Collaboratively determine core software for distribution throughout the division.


4.3        Provide final approval for software communication standards that use the Local area network or wide area network as a backbone.


4.4        Support and direct school administration in the development, implementation and monitoring of effective technology practices.


4.5        Personnel Management


4.5.1     Recruit, hire, supervise and evaluate the Network Architect position that is responsible for planning and coordination of wide area network operations:

                        4.5.1(a)  Email

                        4.5.1(b)  Website

                        4.5.1(c)  Network communications between schools

                        4.5.1(d)  All aspects of Internet access


4.5.2     Responsible for hiring of System Support Specialist II and System Support Specialist I positions.           


  1. Planning and Accountability


5.1        Development of focused annual planning and accountability in all portfolio areas.


5.2        The 3 Year Education Plan and the Annual Education Results Report are developed in accordance with Ministry and Board mandates.



  1. Compliance with Alberta Education Requirements


6.1        The Division is in compliance with all Alberta Education requirements related to areas of assigned responsibility.


  1. Board Motions


7.1        Assignments arising from Board motions are completed as determined by the Superintendent within prescribed timelines and in a manner acceptable to the Superintendent.


7.2        The Superintendent’s Executive Assistant is informed regarding progress if delays are anticipated.


  1. Administrative Procedures


8.1        Assigned administrative procedures are reviewed at least annually and proposed revisions are provided in a timely manner as required.


8.2        Monitors and ensures compliance relative to assigned administrative procedure areas.


  1. Fiscal Responsibilities


9.1        Draft budget for areas of responsibility are developed and work is completed within approved budget.


  1. Leadership Practices


10.1      Leadership is practiced in a manner that is viewed positively and has the support of those with whom he/she works in carrying out the Superintendent’s expectations.


10.2        The Associate Superintendent consistently acts in accordance with Wild Rose Public Schools’ values.


10.3        Communication to school councils regarding Board and Superintendent direction is accurate.


10.4        Implement the directions of the Superintendent with integrity and in a timely fashion.


10.5        A professional development plan for his/her ongoing professional improvement in consultation with the Superintendent is developed and implemented annually.


10.6        Manages conflict effectively.


10.7        School administrators promote the mission, vision, values and goals of Wild Rose School Division.


10.8        Works positively as a member of the division Leadership Team.


  1. School Liaison (Assigned Schools)


11.1       Visit all schools at least annually or as required in the fulfillment of responsibilities.


11.2       Serve as first point of contact regarding issues.


11.3       Bring forward for consideration issues/celebrations.


11.4       Liaise with Superintendent regarding observations of schools.


11.5       Monitor, implementation and compliance with respect to directives.


11.6       Assist school administration in the implementation of School Improvement Plans.


11.7       Visit all schools at least annually or as required in the fulfillment of responsibilities.


  1. Other Duties and Obligations


12.1       Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent are performed.





Revised:                 September, 2012

Next Review By:      September, 2016





Legislative References:


         School Act Sections 60, 96


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation