Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 481

.1 Instructional Services




The goal of the Instructional Services portfolio is to provide direction and support for staff that will maximize the educational opportunities for students served by Wild Rose School Division in the areas of curriculum, assessment, and pedagogy.




The Instructional Services portfolio will have specific responsibilities for:

  1. Leadership Practices

1.1    Take leadership with development of the draft school year calendar(s) for the Board.


  • Draft school year calendar as per Administrative Procedures
  1. Curriculum and Instruction

2.1    Develop plans for the implementation and/or communication of new and revised curricula, resources, and/or other programs.

2.2    Provides leadership for division wide professional growth and/or in-service activities.

2.3    Provide information on current Alberta Education resources.

2.4    Promote and facilitate teacher involvement in program development, field testing, examination development, examination marking, resource assessment, and program evaluations.

2.5    Vet applications from the principals and make recommendations to the Superintendent with respect to locally developed and acquired courses.

2.6    Act as the home education coordinator.


  • Specific examples of 2.1-2.3; 2.5-2.6
  • List for 2.4
  • Board action items
  1. Personnel Management

3.1    Deploys and supervises all AISI Coordinators and contractors.

3.2    Supervises and evaluates the District Administrator-Assessment and Student Achievement.


  • Annual AISI report APAR
  • Evaluation report for 3.2
  1. Strategic Planning

4.1    Plan, implements, and reports on the AISI program.

4.2    Develop AISI report for submission to the Board and Alberta Education.


  • Annual AISI report APAR
  1. Fiscal Responsibility

5.1    Set and monitor Instructional Services budget


  • Information from the Secretary Treasurer
  • A zero or surplus financial position at year end
  1. Superintendent Relations

6.1    Comply and build positive relations with Alberta Education on Curriculum and Instructional matters.


  • Direct observation by the Superintendent



Created:                        September 1, 2008

Next Review by:            September, 2016


Legislative References


            School Act 61, 96




            AP 480 Associate Superintendent – Central Services