Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 481

.3 District Administrator - Assessment and Student Achievement




Guided by the Division’s mission statement, vision statement, beliefs, and statement of values the District Administrator – Assessment and Student Achievement will assist in fulfilling the general and specific aspects of the role description for the Superintendent as defined in provincial statute, Alberta Education Policy, Board Policy and Administrative Procedures. The goal of the District Administrator – Assessment and Student Achievement is to ensure that Board priorities concerning student achievement are addressed collaboratively with school administrators.




The Assessment and Student Achievement portfolio will have specific responsibilities for:


  1. Leadership Practices

1.1    The District Administrator - Assessment and Student Achievement is viewed positively and has the support of those with whom he/she works most directly with in carrying out his/her responsibilities.

1.2    Achievement of the Assessment and Student Achievement outcomes established for the Division.

1.3    Maintain effective relations with school administration teams.

1.4    Develop and implement a PD plan for his/her ongoing improvement in consultation with the Assistant Superintendent.


  • Stakeholder feedback 1.1
  • Annual Assessment and Student Achievement report 1.2
  • Superintendent observations 1.3
  • Annual PD report 1.4
  1. Personnel Management

2.1    The District Administrator- Assessment and Student Achievement is evaluated in relation to Assessment and Student Achievement responsibilities of the portfolio.


Observations 2.1

  1. Strategic Planning

3.1    In collaboration with school principals, analyze academic achievement results, develop school improvement plans and assist in the implementation of these plans to bring about changes or adjustments in curriculum, instruction, or assessment as deemed appropriate.

3.2    Facilitate a process to ensure teachers and schools reflect on and analyze their results both classroom based and large scale, including common assessments.

3.3    Facilitate opportunities for principals and schools to share best practice with regard to achievement and assessment.

3.4    Support school administration in working with their teachers in implementing the school improvement plan.


  • Plans as per 4.1
  • Provide documentation (4.2 – 4.4)
  1. Communication

Facilitate two way communication between Division Office and the schools with regard to Student Achievement and Assessment.

  • Assistant Superintendent observations 5.1
  1. Fiscal Responsibility

5.1    Set and monitor Student Achievement and Assessment Services budget.

5.2    Approve purchases for the Student Achievement and Assessment budget.


  • Information from the secretary treasurer
  • A zero or surplus financial position at year end
  1. Superintendent Relations

6.1    Comply and build positive relations with Alberta Education and Alberta Assessment Consortium on Student Achievement and Assessment matters.

6.2    Provide leadership in the development of administrative procedures in relation to student achievement and assessment, or as assigned by the Assistant Superintendent.

6.3    Interact with the Assistant Superintendent in an open and honest proactive and professional manner.


  • Direct observation by Assistant Superintendent (7.1, 7.3)
  • Completed Administrative Procedures (7.2)



Revised:           February 19, 2009

Reviewed:         February, 2016


Legislative Reference


            School Act Section: 61




            AP – 480 Associate Superintendent – Corporate Services

            AP – 481 Associate Superintendent – Professional Services