Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 483

Director - Technology




Guided by the Division’s mission statement, vision statement, beliefs, and statement of values the Director - Technology assists the Associate Superintendent Central Services and the Associate Superintendent Professional Services in fulfilling the general and specific aspects of their role descriptions for the Superintendent as defined in provincial statutes, Alberta Education Policy, Board Policy and Administrative Procedures. The goal of the Director - Technology is to provide appropriate technology and technology services for schools, staff and students in order to meet the information communications technology outcomes, provide for the day to day business functions of school and enhance the teaching and learning process.




The Director - Technology shall have specific responsibilities for:


1.      Leadership Practices


         1.1     Support and direct school administrators to develop and monitor effective technology practices.


         1.2     Advise school staff, school administrators of changes to Technology procedures and practices.




  • Specific examples 1.1 and 1.2


2.      Personnel Management


         2.1     Recruit, hire, supervise and evaluate the Network Architect position who is responsible for planning and coordination of wide area network operations:


                  2.1.1     Email


                  2.1.2     Website


                  2.1.3     Network communications between schools


                  2.1.4     All aspects of Internet access


         2.2     Responsible for hiring of System Support Specialist II and System Support Specialist I positions.




  • Evaluation report 2.1


  • Summary of hiring document 2.2


3.      Strategic Planning


         3.1     Collaboratively determine core software for distribution throughout the division


         3.2     Provide final approval for software communication standards that use the Local area network or wide area network as a backbone


         3.3     Achieve the outcomes established for Technology Services.


         3.4     Host Alberta Education technology pilots and initiatives.




  • Documentation 3.1– 3.4


4.      Fiscal Responsibility


         4.1     Set and monitor Technology Services budget


         4.2     Approve purchases, and set control standards for technology at the Division and school level.




  • Information from the secretary treasurer


  • A zero or surplus financial position at year end


5.      Superintendent Relations


         5.1     Comply and build positive relations with Alberta Education on Technology Education matters.


         5.2     Provide leadership in the development of administrative procedures in relation to technology and technology use, or as assigned by the Associate Superintendent Central Services.




  • Direct observation by Associate Superintendent Central Services



Created:                  September 1, 2008

Reviewed:               January 2012

Next Review by:      January 2017


Legislative References:


School Act Section 60 .61


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation




AP 480 Associate Superintendent Central Services