Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 486





Guided by the Wild Rose School Divisions’ mission statement, vision statement, beliefs, and statement of values the Principal will assist the Superintendent in fulfilling the general and specific aspects of the role description for the Superintendent as defined in provincial statute, Alberta Education Policy, Board Policy and Administrative Procedures.


  1. 1.         Educational Leadership


         The Principal shall:


1.1      Develop and support a culture of high student achievement, appropriate programming, evidence based decision making, which incorporates the four tenets of professional learning communities and addresses the Provincial education goals


1.2      Foster high standards of instruction and professional improvement as per the TQS.


1.3      Adhere to class size targets or have approval from the Superintendent for variations from the targets while maximizing program offerings to students




  • Four tenets of PLC template


  • Documented improved instructional practices and results


  • School organizational report


  1. 2.         Fiscal Leadership


         The Principal shall:


2.1      Construct school budget in accordance with division directives and guidelines in a manner which best reflects fiscal stewardship to achieve required results


2.2      Revise budgets based on September 30 enrolment counts and make appropriate adjustments in revenue and expenditures including staff changes in consultation with Superintendent or designate


2.3      Ensure school generated funds are raised and expended in accordance with recognized accounting procedures and the policies and procedures of the Board. Complete and submit an annual report and reconciliation of all school held funds


2.4      Ensure targeted site based funds are spent for the intended purpose


2.5      Ensure that the school’s financial position at the end of each school year is zero or surplus (a 2.5% surplus is strongly recommended)




  • Compliance with 2.1 - 2.5


  1. 3.         Personnel Management


         The Principal shall:


3.1      Annually make decisions regarding certificated staff placement (growth or remediation) as per the Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation policy of Alberta Education (Policy 2.1.5 January 2003)


3.2      Effectively implement quality orientation, staff development, disciplinary, evaluation and supervisory processes in accordance with Administrative Procedures


3.3      Approve teachers and non-certificated staff PD activities in accordance with the schools PD plan or in consultation with the Superintendent or designate. (Principal and Vice Principal PD must be approved by the Superintendent or designate)




  • Summary of certificated staff on professional growth plans and those that have been given notice of remediation


  • Compliance with evaluation requirements


  • Documented alignment of PD activities with the schools PD plan


  • Recommendations for summative staffing decisions


  1. 4.         Policy/Procedures


         The Principal shall:


4.1      Adhere to and implement, where applicable, legislation, Alberta Education directives, collective agreements, board policy, and administrative procedures




  • Compliance with 4.1


  1. 5.         Principal/Superintendent Relations


         The Principal shall:


5.1      Interact with the Superintendent in an open, honest, proactive, and professional manner


5.2      Support and enhance the Superintendent/Board relationship


5.3      Advocate for and accurately represent Board and Superintendent directions at all times including school council meetings, staff meetings, community and parent interactions


5.4      When principals disagree with a superintendent direction or have concerns about that direction, the principal follows a process parallel to the ATA code of ethics namely:


5.4.1     Goes directly to the superintendent


5.4.2     Or participates in discussions provided by the superintendent at superintendents meetings


5.4.3     Does not go to others in the system regarding these directions other than members of the LAC in order to assist the LAC to provide the superintendent with the advice of principal as a whole




  • Identification of specific examples


  1. 6.         Education Planning And Reporting


         The Principal shall:


6.1      Develop the school annual education plan in accordance with the division template and ensure alignment with the Board’s 3 year Education plan


6.2      Ensure that the school’s annual education plan results are achieved


6.3      Ensure that AISI measurable results are achieved


6.4      Annually conduct an analysis of the school Accountability Pillar results and develop action plans to address concerns


6.5      Improve Accountability Pillar results over time


6.6      Identify trends and issues related to student achievement (including PAT’s and DE’s) to inform the annual school education plan including identification of means to improve measurable student achievement


6.7      Accurately report the school and division Accountability Pillar results to staff and school council




  • Compliance with 6.1 – 6.7


  1. 7.         Organizational Management


         The Principal shall:


7.1      Ensure high quality management services are provided including adherence to all timelines and quality requirements provided by the Superintendent and Alberta Education




  • Quality and timeliness of submissions




  1. 8.         Communications And Community Relations


         The Principal shall:


8.1      Promote positive public engagement in the school


8.2      Represent the division in a positive professional manner


8.3      Facilitate effective community-home-school relations


8.4      Build employee, parent, and community support for the directions provided by the Board and Superintendent




  •  Identification of specific examples


  1. 9.         Leadership Practices


         The Principal shall:


9.1      Model high ethical standards of conduct including adherence to the values of the division (Board Policy 1)


9.2      Implement with integrity, ownership and in a timely fashion the directions of the Superintendent


9.3      Apply a district wide perspective when engaged in decision making opportunities provided by the Superintendent or designate


9.4      Unite staff towards the goals of the division


9.5      Manage conflict effectively


9.6      Model commitment to personal and professional growth




  •  Identification of specific examples



Reviewed:               January 2012

Next Review By:      January 2017






Appendix 1 – AP 486


Wild Rose Public Schools




Accountability Tool Kit


a.      Annual written feedback to each principal based on template based on the principal’s job description, based on evidence, contains commendations, considerations and/or directions


b.      When events take place which constitute a breach of behavioural expectations progressive discipline or other summative disciplinary actions may be employed.


c.      When events take place that constitute exemplary behaviour or results, celebration or recognition will be provided.


d.      Level 2 evaluations may be initiated by the superintendent when there are continuing issues or concerns identified in a level one evaluation


e.      Increase clarity of expectations direction will be provided through the Superintendents meetings.


f.       Increase opportunity for appropriate feedback through the LAC.


g.      School org report form developed for each school to document allocation and assignment of professional staff will be reviewed by Superintendent or designate


h.      September 30 enrolment reports reviewed by Superintendent or designate


i.       Semi-annual school based accountability meetings to be held with the superintendent or designate (Fall normally October review of enrolments, staffing assignments, staff to be evaluated, budget adjustments, and other identified deliverables. Spring normally April accountability for staff evaluation and summative staff decisions, teacher growth plans or Program of Assistance, central office annual evaluations of principals, administrative designation decisions and other identified deliverables.) (Setup them up for success, catch them doing it and affirm them for it)


j.       Applied professional development will be provided as part of the superintendents meetings and as required.


Legislative References:


         School Act Sections 20, 60, 61