Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 488

Associate Superintendent - Corporate Services




Guided by the Division’s mission, vision, mandate, beliefs and values the Associate Superintendent – Corporate Services will assist the Superintendent in fulfilling the following aspects of the role description for the Superintendent as defined in the School Act and Board Policy.


The Associate Superintendent – Corporate Services position reports to the Superintendent and has specific responsibilities for ensuring:


1. Legal


1.1          The Board through the Superintendent is informed immediately regarding any litigation initiated by or against the Board.


2. Secretary of the Division


2.1       Proper filing and archiving of information pertaining to the operation of the Division.


2.2        Agreements made by or on behalf of the Board.


2.3        Appropriate property and liability insurance is maintained.


2.4        Advising or obtaining advice for the Superintendent on the interpretation of legislation and regulations affecting the operation of the division.


3. Treasurer


3.1        The Board through the Superintendent is informed annually about incurred liabilities.


3.2        Generally accepted accounting practices are followed.


3.3        Adequate internal financial controls exist and are followed.


3.4        All collective agreements and contracts are administered and interpreted so staff and contracted personnel are paid appropriately, appropriate deductions are made, and benefit plans are appropriately administered.


3.5        Proper and adequate records of accounts are established and maintained.


3.6        All revenues due are received, all disbursements including payroll are made, and all receipts and disbursements are in accordance with legislation, by-laws, regulations and budget provisions.



3.7          The following are prepared in consultation with the other executive staff:


3.7.1     Budget estimates and the draft and final spring and fall adjusted budget.


3.7.2     Year-end financial statements


3.7.3     Quarterly interim financial accountability reports (as per template)


3.7.4     Other reports as may be required for the operation of the Division.


3.8        Purchases required by the Division are made in accordance with legislation, regulations, administrative procedures and budget.


3.9        Timely and accurate advice is provided to the Superintendent on the financial affairs of the Division.


3.10      Liaison with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada is maintained to provide direction and guidance with regard to student registration and program cost recovery.


3.11      All deficiencies identified in the Audit Report and Management Letter are remediated in a timely fashion and a follow up report prepared.


3.12      Instances where school based funds are not expended as per approved budgets and where school generated funds are not accounted for are reported to the Superintendent in a timely fashion.


3.13      A report of the state of all reserve accounts including restricted and non-restricted operating reserves is prepared annually.


3.14      Budget assumptions and risks related to achievement of the Board’s identified goals are prepared annually.


3.15      Annually prepare budget principles and central allocation rates for Board consideration.


3.16      There is alignment of the draft and final budget with the Annual Education Plan including identification of where priorities are inadequately or not resourced.


4. Facilities


4.1       Facility project schedules and construction schedules are followed or timely variance reports are provided.


4.2        Planning and estimating building and property requirements including budget requirements.


4.3        Proper oversight of physical plant operations, and maintenance of the Division’s property is provided.


4.4        An appropriate and accurate inventory of Division assets is maintained.


4.5        Draft and Final 3 Year Capital Plans are developed.


4.6        Annual preparation of IMR Expenditure Plan and final costs report for presentation to the Board is prepared.


5. Transportation


5.1        Transportation services are provided with due consideration for efficiency, public satisfaction, safety and length of ride.


5.2        Provide transportation accountability reports as required.


6. Compliance with Alberta Education Requirements


6.1        The Division is in compliance with all Alberta Education requirements related to areas of assigned responsibility.


7. Communications and Community Relations


7.1        The Associate Superintendent represents the Division in a positive professional manner.


8. Administrative Procedures


8.1        Assigned administrative procedures are reviewed at least annually and recommended revisions are provided in a timely manner as required.


8.2        Monitors and ensures compliance relative to assigned administrative procedure areas.


9. Board Motions


9.1        Assignments arising from Board motions are completed as determined by the Superintendent within prescribed timelines and in a manner acceptable to the Superintendent.


9.2          The Superintendent’s Executive Assistant is informed regarding progress if delays are anticipated.


10. Leadership Practices


10.1      Leadership is practiced in a manner that is viewed positively and has the support of those with whom he/she works in carrying out the Superintendent’s expectations.



10.2      The Associate Superintendent consistently acts in accordance with Wild Rose School Divisions’ values.


10.3        Communication to school councils regarding Board and Superintendent direction is accurate.


10.4        Implement the directions of the Superintendent with integrity and in a timely fashion.


10.5        A professional development plan for his/her ongoing professional improvement in consultation with the Superintendent is developed and implemented annually.


10.6        Manages conflict effectively.


10.7        Promotes the mission, vision, values and goals of Wild Rose School Division.


10.8        Works positively as a member of the division Leadership Team.


11. School Based Funds


11.1           School Based Funds are expended as per approved budgets.


11.2           School Generated Funds are appropriately accounted for at each site.


11.3      An annual internal audit accountability report is provided to the Superintendent.


12. Personnel Management


12.1      The selection, supervision, administration, advancement, transfer, and dismissal of non-certificated support staff, in consultation with other executive staff as involved by their roles.


12.2      Administrative support is provided to the Board in matters of collective bargaining and labour relations.


12.3      Maintenance of all required personnel records, including business management in connection with the employment of instructional staff.


12.4      Selection, direction, and evaluation of Corporate Services staff.






Revised:                 September, 2012

Next Review By:      September, 2016



Legislative References:


         School Act Sections 61, 96, 116


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation